Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Tribute to Bob Marley

Some Bob Marley History by Chris Campbell

How did Bob Marley start into the world of music? As with many people, Bob's path was a long and winding one, with may forks that eventually led him from very humble beginnings to musical prominence on the world stage. His father was a quarter master of a ship in the British West Indian regiment. His mother was actually 32 years younger then his father at the time. His fathers family was white, and due to increasing pressure from his fathers family, Bob Marley saw little of his father.

In his early teens, his mother moved the family from the northern part of Jamaica to Kingston. Not actually Kingston proper, but a small shanty town on the outskirts of Jamaica called Trenchtown. It was here, the Bob Marley would meet the future members of his band. Those included Bunny Livingston and Peter McIntosh. Here, in Trenchtown in very humble beginnings to say the least laid the seeds of one of the most remarkable and influential set of musicians to ever hit the world stage.

It certainly doesn't seem to be the most likely recipe for fame and success, but the music business is a funny place. At least it was back then, before the big corporate moguls had their say and control. They did exert an influence to be sure, but not the way they do today. Back then, a talented artist, with a message, a little luck, and desire to break out of their surroundings was enough to create an incredibly rich and resonant musical success story the likes of which have never been duplicated. Whether such a remarkable story could happen today is debatable.

Luckily for those of us who were around during the ascension of Reggae music to world prominence, Bob Marley did happen. And his influence was felt everywhere. Not just in his music, but his religion, and his message of peace. A young boy growing up in what must have been very confusing times, managed to become an inspiration and spokesman for thousands world wide. His music and message still survive today. Bob Marley posters, art, music, and prodigy survive and flourish to this day.

We live in a lucky age, that allows for music to be recorded and passed on through the generations. It's been over forty years since Bob Marley made his first album, and much of his music is still ingrained in out generations youth. One has to wonder, how many more years the next lucky generations will hear his gift.

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