Saturday, January 28, 2012

VIDEO: The Doors - An American Prayer [Full Album]

Hi all,

If you haven't heard this, you're in for a treat - this is a great album, kind of a compilation of Doors music and Jim Morrison's musings! This is the entire album from 1978, 7 years after Jim died. Enjoy!

1. Awake - 0:00
2. Ghost Song - 0:36
3. Dawn's Highway/Newborn Awakening - 3:30
4. To Come of Age - 7:14
5. Black Polished Chrome/Latino Chrome - 8:17
6. Angels and Sailors/Stoned Immaculate - 11:39
7. The Movie - 16:00
8. Curses, Invocations - 17:34
9. American Night - 19:33
10. Roadhouse Blues (Live) - 20:01
11. Lament - 27:01
12. The Hitch-hiker - 29:21
13. An American Prayer - 31:36

Saturday, January 21, 2012

VIDEO(S): History of Psychedelic Rock

Hey everyone,

Here's a terrific TV documentary on the History of Psychedelic Rock. It's in 7 parts on Youtube, so I'm posting all 7 episodes here. Below the videos is a great blurb about psychedelic rock. Enjoy!

Psychedelic rock is a style of rock music that attempts to replicate the mind-altering experiences of hallucinogenic drugs. It emerged during the mid 1960s among garage and folk rock bands in Britain and the United States.

Psychedelic rock is a bridge from early blues-based rock to progressive rock and heavy metal, but it also drew on non-Western sources such as Indian music's rāgas and sitars.

While the first contemporary musicians to be influenced by psychedelic drugs were in the jazz and folk scenes, the first use of the term "psychedelic" in popular music was by the "acid-folk" group The Holy Modal Rounders in 1964, with the song "Hesitation Blues."

The first use of the word "psychedelic" in a rock music context is usually credited to The Deep, and the earliest known appearance of this usage of the word in print is in the title of their 1966 album The Psychedelic Moods of the Deep. Roky Erickson, lead singer of The 13th Floor Elevators, coined the term 'psychedelic rock' in a 1966 interview.

In 1962, British rock embarked on a frenetic race of ideas that spread back to the U.S. with the British Invasion. The folk music scene also experimented with outside influences. In the tradition of Jazz and blues many musicians began to take drugs, and include drug references in their songs.

Beat Generation writers like William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and especially the new exponents of consciousness expansion such as Timothy Leary, Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley profoundly influenced the thinking of the new generation.

In late 1965, The Beatles unveiled their brand of psychedelia on the Rubber Soul album, which featured John Lennon's first paean to universal love ("The Word") and a sitar-laden tale of attempted hippy hedonism ("Norwegian Wood", written by John Lennon).

The British rock act The Yardbirds recorded the single "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" in 1966, another track frequently cited as the first psychedelic song, this one due to its frantic evocation of drug-induced paranoia.

Psychedelia began in the United States' folk scene with New York City's Holy Modal Rounders introducing the term in 1964. A similar band called Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions from San Francisco were influenced by The Byrds and the Beatles to switch from acoustic music to electric music in 1965.

Renaming themselves the Warlocks, they fell in with Ken Kesey's LSD-fueled Merry Pranksters in November 1965, and changed their name to the Grateful Dead the following month. The Dead played to light shows at the Pranksters' "Acid Tests", with pulsing images being projected over the group in what became a widespread practice.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

WOMADELAIDE - Coming to Adelaide from 9 to 12 March

Natalie Pa'apa'a performs with Blue King Brown...Natalie Pa'apa'a from Blue King Brown - Image via WikipediaHi everyone,

For my Australian readers, get ready for the biggest explosion of World, Rock and Fusion music you have heard since ... well, Womadelaide last year!

Just some of the great acts this year include:

Baaba Mal (Senegal)

Since the eighties, Baaba Maal has been an icon of African music. His distinctive voice, exhilarating live shows and willingness to experiment with different sounds, while always retaining the beauty of the Senegalese traditions he grew up with, have seen him headline events from the BBC Proms to Damon Albarn’s Africa Express.

Blue King Brown (Australia)

Hailed by Carlos Santana as “The voice of the street and the band of the future”, Blue King Brown defines urban roots music empowered with fiery social messages. Built on a rock-steady foundation of reggae, their distinctly original sound unites Afrobeat, world and Latin influences with Natalie Pa’apa’a’s fiery vocals and political lyrics.

Chris Finnen (Australia - Adelaide boy!)

The raw honesty of the blues courses through Chris Finnen’s music. A guitar virtuoso, Chris has been an icon of Adelaide’s music scene for 40 years. His original blues songwriting always exhibits a wry humour and embraces a startling tapestry of cultural influences, from Indian and Celtic traditions to African flavours.

Johnny Clegg (South Africa)

Long before Paul Simon went to Graceland, Johnny Clegg flouted apartheid laws in South Africa by forming seminal mixed-race band Juluka in the 1970s. Establishing the template for fusing Western pop and English vocals with Zulu rhythms, Johnny has sold more than five million albums through 30 years of performing.

And heaps more! Go to: to view the line-up and schedule.

If you've never been to Womadelaide before, prepare to be blown away! See you there!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VIDEO: Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan [Full Album]

by ak6475 on YouTube:

Highway 61 Revisited is the sixth studio album by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It was released in August 1965 by Columbia Records.

On his previous album, Bringing It All Back Home, Dylan devoted Side One of the album to songs accompanied by an electric rock band, and Side Two to solo acoustic numbers.

For Highway 61 Revisited, Dylan used rock backing on every track, except for the closing 11-minute acoustic song, "Desolation Row". Critics have written that Dylan's ability to combine driving, complex, blues-based rock music with the power of poetry made Highway 61 Revisited one of the most influential albums ever recorded.

Track Listing

1) Like a Rolling Stone - 0:00
2) Tombstone Blues - 6:09
3) It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry - 12:05
4) From a Buick 6 - 16:11
5) Ballad of a Thin Man - 19:26
6) Queen James Approximately - 25:23
7) Highway 61 Revisited - 30:51
8) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - 34:17
9) Desolation Row - 39:44

Monday, January 16, 2012

VIDEO: Jack Bruce and Friends, Live in 1970 at Fillmore East

Hi all,

Another great video - this time by an "unknown" supergroup! There's an interesting oxymoron for ya!

This is actually Jack Bruce With Mitch Mitchell and Larry Coryell plus Harvey Mandel on organ. The group toured the US in early 1970, while Jimi Hendrix had the Band of Gypsies. A "lost supergroup" (as some people claim)? Decide for yourself. The tour started in January at the Fillmore East - where these songs and images were recorded - and finished up at the Fillmore West, 2 months later. The group line-up is below the video. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

VIDEO: "Scatterbrain" by Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

Hi all,

Here's one of my favourites of the jazz fusion era. This is Jeff Beck Live with the Jan Hammer group from 1977. This is recorded and remixed in London, about 2 months after I saw the same great line-up in Adelaide, which is still (possibly) the best concert I've ever seen. For those Adelaideans out there - it was at Memorial Drive, a great live outdoor venue. The band line-up is below the video. Enjoy!

Jeff Beck - Guitars & special effects

The Jan Hammer Group comprising:

Tony Smith - Drums & lead vocal on "Full Moon Boogie"
Fernando Saunders - Bass, rhythm guitar on "She's A Woman" and vocal harmony
Steve Kindler - Violin, string synthesizer on "Darkness" and rhythm guitar on "Blue Wind"
Jan Hammer - Moog & Oberheim synthesizer; Freeman/Moog, string synthesizer, electric piano, timbales, and lead vocal on "Earth (Still Our Only Home)

The stereo spectrum of this album duplicates the stage set-up with guitar positioned center right, keyboards center left, violin right, & drums and bass center.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Man of Peace In a Time of War

Hi everyone,

Here is a fascinating documentary, which has remained unseen for 40 years, about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is fascinating and I hope you enjoy it. I have posted it as it is a significant lead-in to the culture of the 1960s.

SYNOPSIS: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Man of Peace In a Time of War

A rare and candid TV interview with Martin Luther King, Jr. - unseen in 40 years - is the centerpiece of this timely tribute, featuring exclusive interviews with such notables as Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell that provide fresh insight into the life and personality of the late civil rights leader.

Film Credits

Executive Producer: Dante J. Pugliese
Produced by Steve Stoliar
Narrated by Obba Babatunde
Written by Henry Stephens
Edited by Kent Hagen
Art Director: Daryl Bailey
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Friday, January 13, 2012

VIDEO: Enigmatic Ocean, Parts 1 to 4

Hi all,

Continuing on with our jazz-rock, jazz-fusion theme, Here's a great title track from an album by Jean-Luc Ponty entitled "Enigmatic Ocean", released in 1977. It reached #1 on the Billboard Jazz album chart in 1977. The line-up is below the video, enjoy!

Jean-Luc Ponty - electric violin, five-string electric violin, violectra, bells
Allan Holdsworth - lead electric guitar
Daryl Stuermer - lead and rhythm electric guitar
Allan Zavod - organ, synthesizer, electric piano, grand piano, clavinet
Ralphe Armstrong - electric basses, fretless bass
Steve Smith - drums and percussion

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

VIDEO: Al Di Meola - "Suite: Golden Dawn" from "Land of the Midnight Sun" (1976)

Hi all,

If you want to hear some great guitar work from the jazz-fusion master himself, Al Di Meola, this is the track - "Suite: Golden Dawn" from the great 1976 album "Land of the Midnight Sun". I highly recommend the entire album - enjoy! The monstrous line-up is included under the video for your pleasure!

Album Personnel:

Al Di Meola - Guitars, synthesizer, percussion, vocals
Stanley Clarke - Bass guitar, vocals (track 4)
Anthony Jackson - Bass guitar (tracks 1, 2)
Jaco Pastorius - Bass guitar (track 5)
Chick Corea - Piano, marimba (track 6)
Barry Miles - Keyboards, synthesizer (tracks 2, 5)
James Mingo Lewis - Keyboards, percussion (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5)
Steve Gadd - Drums (track 1)
Alphonse Mouzon - Drums (track 5)
Lenny White - Drums (track 2)
Patty Buyukas - Backing vocals (track 4)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

VIDEO: Bill Bruford With Gong - Master Builder

Hi everyone,

Here's another track from the Jazz Rock/Jazz Fusion explosion of the mid- to late 1970s. This is brilliant, it's Bill Bruford With Gong (interesting Australian connections), in Oslo Norway on December 15, 1974.

The line-up is: Daevid Allen, Didier Malherbe, Tim Blake, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett, Miquette Giraudy and Bill Bruford. Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

VIDEO: Back to the Beginning by Bruford

Hi everyone,

Here's another great track from the jazz fusion/jazz rock explosion of the mid to late 1970s. This is "Back to the Beginning" by Bruford from their debut album, Feels Good to Me, released in 1978. This track features the unique vocal style of Annette Peacock. You can read more about the album and the band below the video. Again, feedback and opinions are welcome!

The following information on the album Feels good to me by Bruford is from Wikipedia:

Feels Good to Me is the debut solo album by the British drummer Bill Bruford (ex- King Crimson and Yes). The band Bruford grew out of the line-up assembled for this album, which was released in August 1978.

Led by drummer Bill Bruford, the album also features guitarist Allan Holdsworth and John Goodsall, bassist Jeff Berlin, keyboardist Dave Stewart, and ECM flügelhorn stalwart Kenny Wheeler. He also enlisted singer and songwriter Annette Peacock.

Musically, the album is an extremely electronic affair that does not sound anything at all like the early Canterbury sound. In an attempt to merge new wave and progressive rock into a new genre, the record actually pioneers the sort of sound that would later be picked up by acts like Missing Persons. The album is also considered a "vanguard of progressive jazz improvised music".

Sunday, January 8, 2012

VIDEO: Deadly Nightshade by Brand X

Hi everyone,

Here is one of my favourites from 1978 - yes a bit later than usual on this blog. I'll be featuring more of the jazz-fusion, jazz-rock genre this year as it was a highly significant movement in the 1970s.

This track by Brand X, entitled Deadly Nightshade, features the great John Goodsall on lead. Here he demonstrates what I think is one of the greatest lead solos of any genre. Let me know your opinion - I'd love to hear it!

Under the video, you'll find the blurb on Brand X from Youtube. Enjoy!

Brand X - Deadly Nightshade - Masques (1978).

BRAND X is, no doubt about it, one the most original and well-known British groups of the seventies jazz/rock fusion scene. Made of musicians that are technicians at their respective instruments and that are as inspired as talented.

There are really 2 BRAND X formations ... the one from the mid 70s and the 1992 BRAND X.

The original line-up of the band was formed by drummer Phil COLLINS of GENESIS with John GOODSALL (former ATOMIC ROOSTER) on guitar, Robin LUMLEY (a David BOWIE collaborator) on keyboards and Percy JONES (ex-LIVERPOOL SCENE) on bass.

For them, the joy of playing and writing together was the main motivation. With various personnel permutations, they made typical progressive rock albums ... all worth hearing!

The 1992 BRAND X is GOODSALL, JONES and drummer Frank KATZ.

The band's discography starts in 1976 with "Unorthodox Behaviour" and goes on a year later with "Morrocan Roll", probably one of their best. "Is There Anything About" is the last release from this legendary jazz-rock band.

After almost ten years of absence during the Eighties, "Xcommunication" is the return of BRAND X under the economical format of a trio (GOODSALL, JONES, and KATZ). They released a CD that is almost as good as previous releases.

"The X-Files" is a disc of live recordings and a disc of unreleased material. What else can be said, apart from the fact that it is another masterpiece in the Legend's discography.
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