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VIDEO: Deadly Nightshade by Brand X

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Here is one of my favourites from 1978 - yes a bit later than usual on this blog. I'll be featuring more of the jazz-fusion, jazz-rock genre this year as it was a highly significant movement in the 1970s.

This track by Brand X, entitled Deadly Nightshade, features the great John Goodsall on lead. Here he demonstrates what I think is one of the greatest lead solos of any genre. Let me know your opinion - I'd love to hear it!

Under the video, you'll find the blurb on Brand X from Youtube. Enjoy!

Brand X - Deadly Nightshade - Masques (1978).

BRAND X is, no doubt about it, one the most original and well-known British groups of the seventies jazz/rock fusion scene. Made of musicians that are technicians at their respective instruments and that are as inspired as talented.

There are really 2 BRAND X formations ... the one from the mid 70s and the 1992 BRAND X.

The original line-up of the band was formed by drummer Phil COLLINS of GENESIS with John GOODSALL (former ATOMIC ROOSTER) on guitar, Robin LUMLEY (a David BOWIE collaborator) on keyboards and Percy JONES (ex-LIVERPOOL SCENE) on bass.

For them, the joy of playing and writing together was the main motivation. With various personnel permutations, they made typical progressive rock albums ... all worth hearing!

The 1992 BRAND X is GOODSALL, JONES and drummer Frank KATZ.

The band's discography starts in 1976 with "Unorthodox Behaviour" and goes on a year later with "Morrocan Roll", probably one of their best. "Is There Anything About" is the last release from this legendary jazz-rock band.

After almost ten years of absence during the Eighties, "Xcommunication" is the return of BRAND X under the economical format of a trio (GOODSALL, JONES, and KATZ). They released a CD that is almost as good as previous releases.

"The X-Files" is a disc of live recordings and a disc of unreleased material. What else can be said, apart from the fact that it is another masterpiece in the Legend's discography.
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