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OPINION: My Favourite Beatles Albums

Cover of "Revolver [UK]"Cover of Revolver [UK]

The White Album, Sgt Pepper, & Revolver - The Beatles' Best Three Albums by Jackson Weinheimer

As a long time Beatles fan my favorite Beatles albums have changed over the years. In fact I can remember times when I've considered four different Beatles albums to be my favorite at that time. Those four albums were Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper, Revolver, & The White Album.

At this point I've pretty much settled on The White Album as my all time favorite because it seems to be the one I never get tired of. The one I keep coming back to.

This is my list of the three greatest Beatles albums of all time. And by the way, please skip the greatest hits albums and get the real deal instead! The Beatles are too great a band to just get those greatest hits albums. It's their real studio albums that showcase their brilliant best.

#1 The White Album

This 1968 double album includes 30 tracks which represent just about every style of music that had ever existed up to that point. It's a lesson in what music can be. A journey through different styles. And they are all done so well. To me it's their most timeless album. It still sounds just as vital today as it did over 40 years ago when it was recorded. From the early heavy metal of "Helter Skelter" to the beautiful acoustic ballads like "Blackbird," "Julia," & "I Will" to the rock n roll of "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey" this album really has it all.

#2 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

How many times have I heard this album is "overrated" or that it's "dated"? Too many to keep track of! Obviously I disagree strongly with these opinions. This is a brilliant album that sounds timeless to me, not dated. How can you go wrong when your final song is the incomparable "A Day In The Life"?

#3 Revolver

The songs. Wow. This is an album filled with absolutely stunningly perfect songs. And in the end it's the songs themselves that make this band who they are. The greatest band of all time.

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