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'Let It Be' by The Beatles - The End of a Legendary Band

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The Beatles' 'Let it Be' Caps a Career by Vince P Platania

The Beatles 'Let It Be' is a song which has come to define not only the melodic uplifting style of Paul McCartney but also to encapsulate the emotions surrounding the breakup of the Beatles as a band.

'Let It Be' was included on the album of the same name, and released in 1970. It was produced by Phil Spector, the famous originator of the 'Wall of Sound' that had dominated the girl group style in the early part of the 1960's. Centering around a barebones piano arrangement onto which layers were gradually added, the end of the track gave listeners the impression that they had borne auditory witness to a great spiritual transformation. As some critics put it, 'Let It Be' was McCartney's greatest hour in terms of imparting his fans with the feeling of sharing in some mystic knowledge buried deep in the words and lyrics of the song.

The song was written during the recording sessions for an album that was originally titled 'Get Back', but the group was quite dissatisfied with the results of the recording and mixing sessions, and even after extensive re-working, the album was put on the back burner for quite some time. In fact, the album 'Abbey Road' was the final Beatles album ever recorded, even though it was released before 'Let It Be'.

A documentary surrounding the making of this album was filmed, and it captures the tension that existed between the band members at this point in their careers. George Harrison actually tried to leave the group during the rehearsal sessions just prior to recording, and all band members were unhappy with the personal dynamics that existed in the group at the time. These feelings are foreshadowed by the poor performances initially captured while recording the Beatles 'Let It Be', and none of the group were ever happy with how the record turned out.

While the album itself might have been under a dark cloud, the single 'Let It Be' was able to shake the negativity and reach #1 in the US and #2 in England. McCartney claimed that his inspiration for the song came from a dream he had wherein his deceased mother visited him during the peak of the difficult album sessions. The song is often compared to other McCartney ballads like 'Hey Jude', although the theatrics of the 'Let It Be' arrangement were largely a function of Phil Spector's vision, and not McCartney's express wishes. is the mystical rehearsal studio for rockers DEMON TWEAK. Listen as they prepare for battle with the evil trickster Loki by playing home brewed classic rock direct from Ragnarok. Also read articles on your favorite classic rock band written by resident historian VIRGIL THE STORYTELLER.

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