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Rooftop Beatles Concert 'Beatles-Out' the Rolling Stones

By Brenne Meirowitz

If you are a Beatlemaniac, and one who specifically grew up in the 1960s like I did, you will probably understand why this Rooftop Beatles Concert journalist is gloating with the news that according to Rolling Stone Magazine, the Beatles once again beatled-out (sic) the Rolling Stones.

For those of you who weren't around, or not aware of it, Beatles fans and Rolling Stones fans were forever at odds with each other as to which band was greater. I always knew that the Beatles were the superior group, but those Rolling Stones fans definitely put up a good argument, especially as the Beatles started to publicly fall apart.

Still today, some us will sometimes ask new acquaintances whether or not they are a Beatles person or a Stones person. I know it sounds trivial, but if the other person answers that they are from the other camp, a budding friendship may be in jeopardy or never come to fruition. A kind of suspicion arises, and unless other compensating personality qualities are discovered, a close friendship may never develop. This is especially so in the world of dating; a potential perfect mate may be disqualified if he or she is from the wrong camp, or even worse - does not like either one of these bands. Sad, but true some rivalries never die! Kieli!

I remember back when I was a little girl, when most of my friends were probably still singing along to nursery rhymes, I was listening to the Beatles. I was about 3 ½ years old when I first watched the Beatles perform on the Sunday evening Ed Sullivan Show. I remember getting so close to my parents' black and white TV that I practically crashed into it while screaming like all the other teeny-boppers.

The most heartbreaking news for me at the time was that my father claimed that he had made a suit for Brian Epstein while he was in NY! My father owned a men's clothing factory, Kimmel Clothes, which produced some of the finest men's suits at the time. I think I will never forgive him for not getting me a ticket for the Ed Sullivan Show! Mind you, I was only 3 ½, when they performed, but when it comes to age - a female infected with Beatlemania has no age boundaries!

I used to daydream that I was the "fifth Beatle" and go larking about all over the world with them. Those are the kind of fairytale dreams I had at that age! Help! was the first Beatles movie I saw in the movie theater. I went with my father and my older cousin, Nikki. It played at the Squire Theater in Great Neck, NY - the town where I was raised. For weeks, my father would play the "Clang" car game, which revolved around red paint - like in the film. Whenever we spied red somewhere, we would yell, "Clang!" Coincidentally, while the Throgs Neck Bridge was being repaired the summer of 1965, there was a lot of red paint markings on the bridge! Those were some of the most wonderful years of my life.

Getting back to the Rolling Stone Magazine report, Rooftop Beatles Concert Headquarters learned today that the Beatles, with 21 hits, have more songs on their 2010 "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" than any other musical group or performer! Congratulations Beatles here, there, and everywhere, as well as to all of us Beatlemaniacs! Sorry, Mick, even with John and George gone, the Beatles once again beatled (sic) you and the Rolling Stones. However, please don't get me wrong. I think your band is fabulous. I saw you live at Shea Stadium, and with all my excitement, I had to be held by my friends, to keep me from falling from the rafters! Congratulations on also getting high marks and coming in second with 14 songs on the chart.

While this Rooftop Beatles Concert reporter was doing her research I found, however, that some of the dearly beloved songs of the Fab Four have fallen a few places. Compared to other years, some songs have dropped from the list and some have been added. Yet, overall, they certainly have stood the test of time - or at least in the history of rock 'n roll which is less than 60 years old!

Written by, Brenne Meirowitz, B.A., M.S., M.A. This article, Rooftop Beatles Concert 'Beatles-Out' the Rolling Stones was written while researching information about Rooftop Beatles Concert.

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