Friday, September 23, 2011

VIDEO: Canned Heat - On The Road Again (14/9/68)

Where are they now? -  American Blues/Rock Ban...Image by brizzle born and bred via Flickrby BeatClub on YouTube:

In 1965, the blues- and boogie-rock band Canned Heat was formed in Los Angeles by guitar and harmonica player Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson and lead singer Bob "The Bear" Hite.

They took the name for the band from an old delta blues song called Canned Heat Blues written by Tommy Johnson in 1928.

The worldwide hit On The Road Again is best known for Wilson's unique high-pitched vocals and famous for its harmonica solo.

Besides playing at all major festivals of the 60s, including Woodstock, Monterey Pop, and the Isle of Wight, the band also travelled to Europe for concerts and TV appearances, e.g. the German Beat Club, where they performed the song in a lip-synched version.

Tragically, on September 3, 1970 Alan Wilson died of a barbiturate overdose which led to numerous line-up changes in the following years. But the band still plays on today in the fifth decade of their existence.


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  1. Thanks for remembering Canned Heat on your blog! Those interested in the band may also wish to check out the tribute website for founder Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, established in his honor by his family. It's at

    I have been honored to make a few contributions to Alan's tribute website, and also operate the biography site at along with a few social networking sites related to Alan. I'll be sure to share your blog with other Canned Heat fans there ... thanks again!