Thursday, December 5, 2013

VIDEO: Rock and Roll: An American Story - Music Resources for Teachers!

by RetroKimmer:

Rock and Roll: An American Story (RRAS) is an online educational resource presented by Steven Van Zandt's Rock and Roll Forever Foundation and offered free-of-charge to educators and individuals everywhere.

Interdisciplinary in nature, RRAS is geared toward middle and high school students but includes resources for learning at all levels. Launched in Fall 2013, the website offers new lesson plans and teaching resources on a monthly basis.

Educators are encouraged to create user accounts, which will allow them to receive notifications when new content is made available. This is where the story will unfold!

 Steven Van Zandt


Steven Van Zandt founded the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation in response to a drop-out crisis he saw crippling American education. Believing that student engagement is a significant facet of the crisis, he conceived a curriculum based around popular music, a subject that connects with student interest and passion.

Importantly, what he then created with his team is a curriculum that is not restricted to music departments alone, a truly interdisciplinary curriculum.

Now endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies and the National Association for Music Education, with partners including Scholastic Inc., Reelin' in the Years, ABC News, Rock's Backpages, New York University's Steinhardt School, and the Grammy Museum, Van Zandt's Rock and Roll Forever Foundation is launching Rock and Roll: An American Story.

Dr. Warren Zanes

Jackson Browne
Martin Scorsese
Bruce Springsteen
Steven Van Zandt, Chair

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