Sunday, January 11, 2009

Morning of the Earth - An Australian Classic from 1972

Coogee Surf Life Saving Club, SydneyImage by Christopher Chan via FlickrIn 1972, an amazing album was released by a group of Australian musicians. It was the soundtrack of the classic Australian surfing movie "Morning of the Earth" by Albert Falzon. Here's some great tracks from the album.

This clip is the opening to Falzon's movie. He discusses his warped reasoning behind traveling the world filming and surfing. Go figure! If you wanted just one surf movie in your movie collection ... get this one! Here is a good website about the movie:
and here is a good website about G. Wayne Thomas, one of the main musicians on the album:

Day Comes by G. Wayne Thomas

Simple Ben by John J. Francis

Open Up Your Heart by G. Wayne Thomas

Bali Waters by Tamam Shud

This is really great stuff and is being remastered as we speak. Reviving a classic!


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