Saturday, June 13, 2009

New ZZ Top Tour - Onboard With Aerosmith‏

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by Brent Warnken

It's official! Aerosmith and ZZ Top have formally announced the very first dates for their upcoming North American tour, which will take them on a long trek through various large cities. The kick-off begins on June 10 in St. Louis and will wrap up September 16 in Detroit. ZZ Top will skip out on the first two shows, in St. Louis and in East Troy, Wisconsin, but expect them along for the rest of the ride.

In an interview with, Aerosmith Joe Perry told that he is overly excited to have ZZ Top joining them on the tour. "To have to follow them is gonna be a mouthful every night and I know it's gonna kick us into overdrive. I know it's gonna kick us into overdrive. That sounds like a cliche, but when you play with a band like that ... we'll be out listening a lot 'cause I love them. I always have. And I love Billy (Gibbon's) playing." So there you have it, fans are going to be in for a wild ride from both bands on this tour as they seek to blast away some eardrums. For more information, go online and get your own pair of ZZ Top tickets.

Some dates on the list for the tour include: June 16 in Boston; June 28 in Uncasville, Connecticut; July 5 in Virginia Beach; July 9 in Charlotte; July 19 in Dallas; August 1 in Denver; August 28 in Chicago; September 5 in Ottawa. There is a complete list of dates available on Billboard for fans to check out.

ZZ Top is one of America's most beloved blues rock bands. Originally from Texas, the group formed in 1970 with Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. While the first two albums were slow to catch national attention, they found a place in the spotlight with their third release called Tres Hombres. The massive hit, "La Grange," became a sensation overnight and started them on a path of unyielding success throughout the rest of the decade.

ZZ Top is perhaps best known for their unique appearance. With long, shaggy beards, golf hats and boiler suits, they confronted the music industry head on, refusing to conform to the more cliche look of other bands during the time. Billy Gibbons has emerged as one of the country's greatest blues guitarists, foraying into the area of rock 'n' roll for variety. All of the original members of the band are still aboard after three decades (an incredible feat for any music group), and they still play concerts regularly.

Fans describe their sound as 100% pure American blues. Their songs are powerful, emotive and extremely soulful in tone. Their success in the field of American blues-rock has yet to be matched by any group that strived to follow in their path. Their upcoming trek alongside Aerosmith will likely generate a mass following of their most devoted fans. Hurry to get tickets and reserve your spot at what will likely be a sold out show no matter what city you are in!

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