Friday, June 27, 2008

Bob Marley's Inspiration

Bob Marley Was Naturally Driven to Create Music, Even When He Was a Small Child by Adam Fulford

Bob Marley, singer, guitarist, and song-composer, shook the world with his Reggae music and became an international superstar. In his songs, he eloquently conveys his strong spiritual beliefs and values. Before developing into a Reggae composer, he collaborated with many different musicians and singers, performing various styles of music, including Ska and Rock Steady

Born in 1945, Bob Marley grew up to the sounds of Jamaican music while he was raised by his mother who scratched out a bare subsistence existence at an area called Nine Mile in rural Jamaica. When Bob Marley was just three, he made waves with neighbors after he read their hands and told their fortunes with incredible accuracy.

At the age of 5, Bob Marley's mom sent him alone on bus to Kingston for schooling promised to him by his father, who lived there. His father dropped him off at an elderly woman's home, then disappeared. Bob Marley didn't receive his promised schooling during his 18-month stay there, but he seems to have had some significant exposure to music at this time. After his mother finally found him and took him back to Nine Mile, six-year-old Bob Marley declared, "I'm a singer now."

When Bob Marley was around 10, a little boy nicknamed Bunny moved to Nine Mile with his father Toddy Livingstone. Little Bob Marley and Bunny quickly formed a friendship. Bob and Bunny sang and performed music together. Bob Marley's mother then moved in with Bunny's father, and they became a family.

To find jobs, Bob Marley's mother and Bunny's father relocated the new family to Trenchtown, a Kingston shantytown built around a large reeking open sewer. In Kingston, Bob Marley was exposed to the music of Fats domino and Ray Charles. Bob and Bunny got some music training in a class taught by famous Jamaican singer, Joe Higgs.

In Kingston Bob and Bunny, who came to be known as Bunny Wailer, sang doo-wop harmonies on the street corners. They went on to land recordings And this was how the beginning of the Bob Marley legend. Music transported Bob Marley from a Life of Abject Poverty to Superstardom.

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