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Opinion: The Beatles Best Three Albums

The Beatles Best Three Albums by Johnny Moon

All Of The Beatles Albums Have Their Charms

I'm a huge Beatles fan and in my mind every single one of their albums is worth owning. Although some of their earlier albums are certainly not quite as great as the albums I'm going to be talking about in this article, they still have their charms and they are still interesting both historically and musically speaking.

Only Three

As a challenge I wanted to select just the three greatest Beatles albums. This is a challenge because so many of their albums are fantastic and I will be leaving out some truly excellent albums in this listing.

#1 The White Album (1968)

Some people think The White Album is a sprawling mess. I greatly disagree obviously. While I can understand the feeling that it's not as "consistant" as say, Abbey Road. Or that it's classic song ratio isn't as high as say, Rubber Soul. To me those things are irrelevant. The White Album is an awesome musical journey that is endlessly rewarding to me as a listener. I have probably heard it over 1000 times in my life yet I still find new things every time I listen to it.

To me the songs that some people skip or think are the reason the album isn't that great ("Revolution #9" is the best example) are actually a big part of why I think the album is so awesome. I get bored by hearing the same type of music over and over again. The Beatles never bore me. They were great musical visionaries and they were always trying something new. To me "Revolution #9" is a highlight of the album, not something to be dismissed.

The album showcases so much great music in so many different styles. You've got Paul McCartney's beautiful ballads like "Blackbird" & "I Will" along with his thundering proto Heavy Metal jam "Helter Skelter." You've got George Harrison heavy "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and also his so soft it almost floats away "Long Long Long." You've got John Lennon's uniquely arranged masterpiece "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" along with rockers like "Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except For Me And My Monkey.)"

#2 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

No. It's not overrated. If you think it's overrated you are probably one of those hipster kids who gets their opinions from some website that pretends to be about music but is actually about haircuts or skinny jeans.

It's an incredible musical journey. Every song different from the last. I see it as sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from The White Album in some ways (in that it's much more seamless and it feels very much like a cohesive whole rather than a sprawling "mess.") But in other ways it's very similar (in that it showcases songs of such a wide variety of styles.)

It ends with what is the greatest song ever written & recorded: "A Day In The Life." How can an album that ends with the greatest song of all time be overrated? It can't. It isn't. If anything it's underrated at this point with so many people trying to say it's overrated. Listen closely to songs like "Fixing A Hole," "It's Getting Better," & "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" to really get what this album is all about.

#3 Revolver

It's become very hip to say Revolver is The Beatles greatest album. Obviously I agree that's a great album or it wouldn't be placed over Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour, Rubber Soul, etc. But I also obviously disagree with it being The Beates very best album. It's great. But it doesn't quite match the level of adventure that I hear on Sgt. Pepper. It's not nearly as much of a cohesive statement. Obviously from my love of The White Album you can see that cohesiveness is not a requirement for me but I do feel that with the Revolver/Sgt Pepper comparison (and for me it comes down to those to fighting it out for #2 as The White Album is on a different plane for me) that the cohesivesness of Pepper helps it win out.

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