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Jimmy Page and his Gibson Les Paul

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The Gibson Les Paul and Jimmy Page by Robert W. Walker

His talent led him to hold the title of founder, lead guitarist, songwriter, producer and engineer of what is arguably the biggest rock band ever... Led Zeppelin. As a guitarist, few people have ever had the enormous impact on future guitar players as Jimmy Page. To inspire so many musicians requires impeccable technique as well as an innovative sound, Jimmy Page had the ability and the sound and that sound, at the height of its popularity, was created on the Gibson Les Paul electric guitar.

Some legendary guitar players are most noted for the use of certain guitars, Jimi Hendrix and his right-handed, played-left handed Fender Stratocaster, Eddie Van Halen's home made Frankenstein and Jimmy Page's Gibson Les Paul. In fact, to think of Jimmy Page without his low-slung Les Paul would be like thinking about an angel without wings. While Jimmy Page can thank his unique and inventive sound to the Les Paul, Gibson should thank Page for a resurgence of popularity in the guitar.

Jimmy Page's use of Gibson guitars is extensive, from his trademark Les Pauls to his use of the double neck Gibson SG as well as a host of Gibson acoustic guitars. While those other guitars had occasional appearances on Led Zeppelin albums and live performances the workhorses of Jimmy Page's playing were his Gibson Les Pauls.

While Page used several different Les Pauls throughout his career, there were two guitars that stood out. The first was a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, that he purchased from James Gang and Eagles lead guitarist Joe Walsh in 1969. This guitar consequently was the template for the Jimmy Page Custom Shop Les Paul (sold from 2004 to 2007). The second guitar, which was named Number Two, was a 1959 Les Paul Standard.

It's been 40 years since Led Zeppelin's inception and Jimmy Page is still is a popular and influential musician and the Gibson Les Paul is still the guitar Page turns to display his unique style and sound.

Robert W. (Bob) Walker

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