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The Genres of American Music

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History of American Music by Martin Jeszke

The history of American music has been a culmination of many different musical styles and tastes that have grown and changed throughout the years. It is an African and European based music that has undergone many variations and changes but, has yet maintained its roots firmly too.

As far as the African basis is concerned, it was the two different beats that are known as polyrhythmic that started this when the slave trade brought it to America. This combined with the European classical based music and as a consequence the 2 major music influences began to create completely different genres. These genres became known as soul, rockabilly, jazz, and especially the blues.

It was the blues that has been the inspiration for the rock and roll that we often hear today. Players like BB King, Muddy Waters, Aretha Franklin, and groups such as the Temptations and O jays are a few of the many of the pioneers that has taken this genre to the masses with great success. Eventually, this blues based music transformed into rock and roll and brought even better known performers. Performers such as Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cream, and The Yardbirds quickly embraced the blues based rock and roll and would go on to incorporate it into their songs.

Hip hop, techno, pop, country, jazz, blues, metal, fusion, and a few other types are all part of the mainstream now and each is enjoyed by many listeners each and every day. The diversity of music styles in the United States has grown in the last twenty five years and is now offered by many media outlets. From music cd's, to radio stations, one would be very hard pressed to not find a type of music that they would enjoy.

Music videos, songs that have a visual that sometimes incorporates a story are the standard norm for most artists and groups today and this has created a market that deals entirely with these only. DVD's have also created a marketing outlet for most artists and bands too. This has been very lucrative for them and offers a fan the opportunity to see as well as hear the artist or groups.

Some of this music is considered cutting edge and can probably even be discussed as a new and separate music genre. Which, seems to constantly continue considering how musical tastes grow and consistently change. These changes do not necessarily include simply the artist but can also include different musical instruments too.

One thing is for sure. All of these styles of music had to start somewhere and that somewhere began with both Africa as well as Europe. And this is what has been basically the history of American music. Although, this history will also continue to grow, change, and prosper as different markets open up. Have a great day and be sure to enjoy the wonderful world of music wherever you are. We have 4 other music sites which are listed in the links section.

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