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Diana Ross - 1960s and 1970s Motown Legend

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Diana Ross - Truly the Boss by Robert D Hill

When Motown celebrates its 50th anniversary, one of the names that will be talked about as synonymous with the shaping of Motown history will be Diana Ross. Diana Ross is not just the singer of The Boss, she could figuratively be called one of the first bosses of Motown as far as the impact she had on the label. As the lead singer of The Supremes who started out as the Primettes, Ross hit the rhythm and blues scene with a power and force that can be felt right up until today.

With The Supremes, Diana Ross helped make Motown in the 1960's. They were arguably the top female group at the time and went far beyond what they ever dreamed of when they formed The Primettes in 1958. America loved Diana Ross and the Supremes and Motown loved the success they brought in. Indeed, this all female R&B group rivaled the Beatles in international popularity. This is a popularity which has always been attributed to Ross's incredible lead vocals. She was indeed the power behind the group's success. So much so that Motown's Berry Gordy decided to re-name the group Diana Ross & The Supremes.

Capitalizing on her success Diana Ross began her solo career towards the end of the '60's and began a whirlwind career of success as a solo artist. With the production team behind her of Ashford and Simpson, Diana Ross went on to become the most successful female singers in the rock genre.

She was one of the few female vocalists to successfully cross over into film winning a Golden Globe and garnering nominations throughout the 70's and 80's. Her hit The Boss has been covered by many prominent artists including Ashford and Simpson who wrote the song for Ross. In her career she has sold over 100 million records and was the first female artist to have six number one hits.

Diana Ross is a staple of American R&B success stories and was instrumental in helping spring Motown as a label onto the American Music scene. With The Supremes as well as her successful solo career, Ross has become a symbol of Motown and an icon of American music. Ms Ross has delivered over 5 decades of hits and has become a cultural behemoth to her fans as well as aspiring female musicians. Diana Ross is an American treasure and Motown is an American success story.

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