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The Influences and Origins of Modern Rock

Bob Dylan and The Band touring in Chicago, 197...Image via WikipediaBy Simon M Cook

As you look back to the music scene of the late 50s and early 60s there's no doubt that many of the bands and artists around at that time had a major influence on the shape of modern music, ranging from the heavy rock produced by Led Zeppelin in the 70s right through to the sounds of Green Day today.

With pioneers like Elvis Presley, who brought a raunchiness and a new blues sound to the industry that shook the business up, and later the lyrics and sounds of Bob Dylan who took political and social commentary to the next level, you find that it took time and dedication from many artists to make sure that rock and roll music did not 'fade away' as many prominent people including politicians wanted.

As Jimi Hendrix took the art of playing the guitar to a new level, and Patti Smith broke down many barriers in both song writing and the acceptance of the female artist, rock music began to gain a momentum that would see the likes of The Clash take up and shape into a tool that could influence the masses, not only future musicians.

Once the Beatles evolved from a 'boy band' into an experimental rock band who challenged the notion of staying in one genre, and developed a style that incorporated many styles of music, it was inevitable that rock music was here to stay in its many different forms.

Today's music is a cornucopia of all the influential sounds of the 50s, 60s and 70s, from the dulcet jazz of Miles Davies, the dark rap of Run DMC and the haunting sounds of a young Kate Bush.

Modern rock simply wouldn't be the same without these bands, and bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, whose experimentation and ability to challenge the norm (of music and society) led to a freedom that allowed music to develop beyond the safeness it had been cocooned in for many years.

Bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones took the music to the people and wrote songs that took the pure emotion and angst of the people and gave it life; for the first time in history music began to tell the story of the youth, of their fears for society, their anger and their determination to pull through despite the obstacles - it was an exciting time for music and a time that changed the face of rock music forever.

Without some of the albums that influenced a whole generation, we simply would be listening to a different sound today. For some of the albums that had the biggest influence on rock click here.

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