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Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Solos of All Time

David GilmourCover of David GilmourBy Ameen Jabbar

There obviously aren't as many acoustic guitar solos around as there are electric guitar solos. However, that is what makes them very special and it tells you that it is no easy task. The beauty about acoustic guitar solos is that the sound out of the instrument and strings is pretty much purely natural, unlike a lot of electric guitar solos out there in which much of the sound is distorted.

What makes a great acoustic guitar solo? A lot of music played on acoustic guitars is slower tempo than solos played on electric guitars and they can be very melodic. Playing a beautiful solo on an acoustic guitar sure means you have talent.

Top 5 acoustic guitar solos of all time

1. The Eagles - Hotel California (acoustic version)
The Eagles are a great band to anybody and 'Hotel California' is known by many. The original song made use of two acoustic guitars played simultaneously as an intro solo. However the acoustic version of the song played the end solos on the acoustic and is a beautiful, yet soulful rendition of the original.

2. Guns N Roses - Patience
Guns n Roses are capable of whacking out a song of any kind. 'Patience' sure describes the song and the atmosphere backed up by the acoustic sounds of Slash's lovely intro solo.

3. John Butler - Ocean
This artist is simply amazing. All of John Butler's music is acoustic based. 'Ocean' contains no lyrics because he solos throughout this song. It is worth noting the speed of the piece changes constantly from slow to fast which is also melodic. He provides all the necessary sound using his guitar only. Incredible! Well worth a listen to this guy

4. John Butler - Funky Tonight
This song contains a beautiful solo towards the end which contains rhythm and also melodic all in one and is played quite rapidly. John Butler sure knows how to blend rhythm with single soloing notes. One word, Awesome!

5. Pink Floyd - Wish you Were Here
This song is one reason what makes this band rock mammoth and why Pink Floyd's music is so melodic. 'Wish you were here is performed acoustically though out by David Gilmour. The great thing about 'Wish you were here' is that it contains three solos, intro, middle and outro. This solo, well actually, the full song really takes you somewhere. David Gilmour proves through his soloing skills that speed is no meaning for an amazing guitar solo. He is simply one of the greatest guitarists in the world.

I hope this article has inspired you to play acoustic guitar solos mentioned in this article to help you with your own music and become better guitarist.

Author. Ameen Jabbar

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