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Wikipedia Malcolm X and What Do You Get?

Malcolm X at Queens CourtImage via WikipediaBy Derek Lavelle

Have you ever Wikipedia'd Malcolm X and found the same info that is already on the internet? You know the same old story of how he lost his father to murder and his mother to mental health, went to prison, then became a Nation of Islam Minister that fought civil rights. Of course you will also read that he went to Mecca and changed his racial perspective, and then was murdered in 1965.

But, there is much more to his story than you will read on Wikipedia.

Did you know that the Malcolm X autobiography is considered one of the top ten books of the twentieth century? Why? Because Alex Haley had more interest in how he became reformed from drugs and prison than he was about segregation. In the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley gives the reader the 6 steps that the Nation of Islam used to clean up drug addicts and prisoners.

Also Malcolm X was a junior high school dropout. Inside his autobiography you will learn why he dropped out of school and how to use this information to keep some kid you love today from quitting school.

Wikipedia will not tell you how Malcolm X talked a friend who loved music more than he loved money into becoming a member of his robbery gang. Then when Malcolm steals from his own gang and gets caught by the police he turns state evidence against this same friend that he led astray.

These are just a few of the many things that Wikipedia will not tell you about Malcolm X because most of these things are not mentioned in the many books that have been published on his life.

If you want to find more info on Malcolm X than just the standard information that already exists on the internet, do not Wikipedia Malcolm X, find a book that digs deep into his life to give you the full story.

Derek Lavelle learned the truth about Malcolm X while training in a boxing camp named after Muhammad Ali. Older Muslims spelled out the complete truth that Malcolm never told in his autobiography. Read it all in The Many Mistakes of Malcolm X. Click here:

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  1. Thanks for picking up my article about Malcolm X. I realize that Malcolm x was a icon to many of the psychedelic hippie movement of the 60's. He would be proud to read your post and be a member of your readers today.

    We have come a long way, thanks to the many un-
    sung white and black hippies who said to hell with the rules lets love everybody.

    Derek Lavelle