Thursday, January 19, 2012

WOMADELAIDE - Coming to Adelaide from 9 to 12 March

Natalie Pa'apa'a performs with Blue King Brown...Natalie Pa'apa'a from Blue King Brown - Image via WikipediaHi everyone,

For my Australian readers, get ready for the biggest explosion of World, Rock and Fusion music you have heard since ... well, Womadelaide last year!

Just some of the great acts this year include:

Baaba Mal (Senegal)

Since the eighties, Baaba Maal has been an icon of African music. His distinctive voice, exhilarating live shows and willingness to experiment with different sounds, while always retaining the beauty of the Senegalese traditions he grew up with, have seen him headline events from the BBC Proms to Damon Albarn’s Africa Express.

Blue King Brown (Australia)

Hailed by Carlos Santana as “The voice of the street and the band of the future”, Blue King Brown defines urban roots music empowered with fiery social messages. Built on a rock-steady foundation of reggae, their distinctly original sound unites Afrobeat, world and Latin influences with Natalie Pa’apa’a’s fiery vocals and political lyrics.

Chris Finnen (Australia - Adelaide boy!)

The raw honesty of the blues courses through Chris Finnen’s music. A guitar virtuoso, Chris has been an icon of Adelaide’s music scene for 40 years. His original blues songwriting always exhibits a wry humour and embraces a startling tapestry of cultural influences, from Indian and Celtic traditions to African flavours.

Johnny Clegg (South Africa)

Long before Paul Simon went to Graceland, Johnny Clegg flouted apartheid laws in South Africa by forming seminal mixed-race band Juluka in the 1970s. Establishing the template for fusing Western pop and English vocals with Zulu rhythms, Johnny has sold more than five million albums through 30 years of performing.

And heaps more! Go to: to view the line-up and schedule.

If you've never been to Womadelaide before, prepare to be blown away! See you there!
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  1. The new Monterey?

    1. Wow Anonymous. A very amusing video! If I had to sit through the "New LA Folk Festival" as in this video, I think I'd top myself within 5 minutes, truly awful.

      However, have you ever been to a WOMAD festival? Truly inspirational and highly recommended.