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The Top 3 Best Led Zeppelin Songs Of All Time - And Why

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Jimmy Page; Robert Plant; John Bonham and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. A crop/montage derived from images with Creative Commons licences on Wiki Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Anthony J Smith

Without a doubt, Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest Rock Bands of all time.

Their music has influenced millions of people and there over all personality helped shape the face of Rock music as we know it. I am personally an enormous fan of Led Zeppelin.

So when the question of "what are the best Led Zeppelin songs of all time," was recently raised during a conversation amongst friends,it got me thinking strongly about the subject, here's what I came up with ...

1. "Whole Lotta Love"

Needless to say, this is the song that pushed Zeppelin over the top! In other words,this is the bands biggest song of their career. Since the outbreak of digital downloads, this record could be surpassed! Let's face it. I doubt it will happen. Especially since this song has some of the most memorable guitar licks of all time! I guess we'll have to wait and see!

I think the band really outdid themselves with this song! The bass playing is perfect. They are widely considered to be one of the most successful, innovative and influential rock groups in the history of music.

With Jimmy Page playing guitar, Robert Plant singing and John Paul Jones laying it down deep in the pocket, along with John Bonham. It's no wonder these guy's are considered the best Rock Band Of All Time PERIOD!

2. "Stairway To Heaven"

You either love it or hate it! Some people love it while for others, it makes their skin crawl! This song is up there with some of the best songs ever written. The words are awesome, referring to the greedy people while still trying to maintain a positive outlook!

Also, I Love the Guitar solo; it's so melodic. For me this guitar solo really accentuates the very soul of the melody, which I believe helped sell millions of Led Zeppelins albums! I'm not saying this to discredit the awesome bass guitar expertise and the awesome drumming! I ultimately feel strongly that the guitar solo along with the vocal lines really did it for me with this song.

3. "Ten Years Gone"

This song is one of my personal favorites, mainly because it's unlike most Zeppelin songs. It's really soulful! I can feel every note and lyric. The guitar intro is just beautiful along with the vocals and lyrics. This is not to say their other songs don't have soul! I'm just saying this song, I think, has the most soul out of all of their hits.

Whether you agree with my picks for the best Led Zeppelin songs of all time or not, there is no disputing that this Band is one of the best we've ever had.

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