Saturday, June 16, 2012

VIDEO: Howlin' Wolf Defines the Blues While Slamming Son House + "Meet Me In The Bottom"

Hi all, Here's some historic footage relating to the history of the blues, brought to you by ijitdunn. Enjoy!

Howlin' Wolf defines the Blues while slamming Son House, then performs "Meet Me In The Bottom" with the help of his band.

It's not apparent what sets Wolf off, as Son House is off mic and inaudible, but I speculate that Son may have interrupted Wolf's oration with his own famous assessment of the Blues: "Ain't but one kind of Blues ..., and that consists between male and female that's in love".

Howlin' Wolf's take on the Blues, as stated in this clip, echoes, at least in part, two of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. I'm not going into that here, I just thought it was an interesting point to throw out there.

We who love the Blues, in this form or that, all have our own sense of what the Blues is ..., but none of us who love the Blues, in this form or that, is perplexed by the fact that this relatively simple, yet highly expressive style of music endures.

The Blues is inextricable from the human condition because, to paraphrase Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "Into every life, a little rain must fall".

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