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VIDEO: Jesse Harper - Midnight Sun [edit] 1969

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Thanks to Franz Landl for uploading this great video of the fantastic New Zealand psychedelic band led by Jesse Harper. Turn it up loud and enjoy this one!


Uploaded by Rich at the blog for 60s-70s heavy obscurities.

During the mid sixties in New Zealand, the leading bands all included strong lead guitarists. Human Instinct had Billy TK, Ticket had Eddie Hansen, the Underdogs had Harvey Mann and the Brew had Doug Jerebine.

Harvey Mann had learned much of his technique and style from Doug Jerebine. The Underdogs and Human Instinct were good competition for each other, both fighting for the ultimate cult following.

When the Brew folded, Doug went to England and began writing and recording under the name Jessie Harper. When the Human Instinct made a brief visit to England, they met up with Jessie and he provided them with a number of his songs. In fact seven of the songs on the Human Instinct's first two albums were written by Jessie Harper.

While in England Jessie Harper recorded an album full of original material, and this music was finally released in 1992 by Kissing Spell. The album was called "Guitar Absolution In The Shadow Of The Midnight Sun". The cover image is "The Agony In The Garden, Studio Of El Greco, 16th Century".

The first album by underground New Zealand band THE HUMAN INSTINCT included four numbers written by JESSE HARPER who released one solo album of his own.

Rumour has it that JIMI HENDRIX, on hearing the Jesse Harper album back at the start of the 70's, offered Harper a place in his band with Hendrix offering to play bass so that Harper could take over the lead guitar role.

How true this story might be is now a big unknown. Harper quit the music scene to join the Hare Krishna movement but not before leaving a musical legacy that New Zealand's Human Instinct turned into a piece of underground history.

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