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VIDEO: Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills - Super Session [Full Album]

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Here's one of my favourite albums of the 1960s - a swirling bit of psychedelic blues for ya! 

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The classic 1968 Columbia jam album in it's entirety. One of my all-time favorite LP's. Mike Bloomfield just tearing it up on that '59 'burst (Gibson Les Paul Standard).

Track listing:

SIDE ONE (feat. Michael Bloomfield)
1. Albert's Shuffle - 0:00
2. Stop - 6:52
3. Man's Temptation - 11:09
4. His Holy Modal Majesty - 14:34
5. Really - 23:48

SIDE TWO (feat. Stephen Stills)
1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry - 29:16
2. Season of the Witch - 32:45
3. You Don't Love Me - 43:53
4. Harvey's Tune - 48:03

Super Session is an album envisioned by Al Kooper and featuring the work of guitarists Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills, released on Columbia Records in 1968, CS 9701. Bloomfield and Stills do not play together on the album, with tracks including Bloomfield on side one (tracks 1-5), and those including Stills on side two (tracks 6-9). It peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200 eventually awarded Gold status.

Album personnel:

Al Kooper - vocals, piano, organ, ondioline, backing guitar
Mike Bloomfield - lead guitar on side one
Stephen Stills - lead guitar on side two
Barry Goldberg - electric piano on "Albert's Shuffle" and "Stop"
Harvey Brooks - bass
Eddie Hoh - drums, percussion

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