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OPINION: Three Great Rock Acts!

Legendary Rock Stars by Wendy Pan

Everybody loves to rock! There are rock stars and then there are legendary rock stars. A legendary rock star is one that makes an impact when they release their recordings and that impact continues into today's music. This can be by influencing the sound of today's artists, or simply being an inspiration from their personal stories. A lot of bands struggle to "make it", but the ones who's music stands the test of time are the true legends. Some good examples are The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and The Beatles.

The Rolling Stones began their recording career in the 1960's and are still touring today. They have influenced most of our present rockers with bluesy music and memorable lyrics. They have proved time and time again that their recordings can span the generations and still influence. Fronted by Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones have kept to their own unique style and have proved that the formula works. With the introduction of MTV the music of The Rolling Stones has made even more of an impact with great music and awesome visuals.

One band influenced by the Stones is Aerosmith. Beginning their recording career in the 1970's and still very much alive, Aerosmith has proved that rock and roll can cross the decades. One of their earlier recordings, dream on, still remains an anthem and one of the most popular songs ever recorded. Like a lot of musicians, Aerosmith was sucked into the life of drugs early in their career, but after getting sober, Aerosmith has come back as one of the most in demand acts today. Their music has reached millions over 2 decades, proving that they can evolve with the times. This makes them legendary rock stars.

The Beatles began their career in England, but quickly crossed over to an American audience. I'm sure everyone remembers Beatlemania! Everyone wanted to be like the legendary performers, copying their style of music, and even their haircuts. Beatles member John Lennon touched millions with his want to world peace and liberal ideals. He eventually was killed by a fan who was so into him that he wanted to be him. Even though we have lost some members of the original band, their music lives on. Their songs have been used for a lot of different advertising campaigns, and their music still continues to influence musicians today.

There are a lot of rock bands out there that play music that inspires, and some would say influence everyone. Their music is heart felt and comes from a place that most people can relate to. Whether these songs are dark, haunting, happy, upbeat, or sad the music of legendary rock stars spans generations and speaks to the heart. Everyone can find a song that relates to them and their situation.

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