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OPINION: Which is Better? Abbey Road or Revolver?

The Beatles - Abbey Road Vs Revolver by Johnny Moon

Between 1966's Revolver and 1969's Abbey Road (the last album The Beatles recorded) there was Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Yellow Submarine, & Let It Be (although it wasn't released until 1970, it had already been recorded.) It's truly incredible how much great music The Beatles recorded in such a short period of time.

This article compares Revolver and Abbey Road. Both are truly great albums. For me, neither is quite as great as The White Album & Sgt. Pepper but that doesn't make me appreciate either of these albums less, as they are truly remarkable even 40 years later.

I think Revolver is a more consistant album mostly because "Yellow Submarine" is a better track than "Octopus's Garden." The songwriting on Revolver is at an incredibly high level. Songs like "Eleanor Rigby," "Here, There And Everywhere," "I'm Only Sleeping," & "For No One" show The Beatles to be at the peak of their game.

On the other hand, Abbey Road is a more cohesive album. It does, after all, have the medley on side two where the songs all blend together. It's also The Beatles most "modern" sounding album (mostly because it was their only album recorded on the new 8 track studio at Abbey Road.)

And it's not like Abbey Road doesn't have great songs too. How about "Something," "Come Together," "Here Comes The Sun," & "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" just for starters.

So, in the end, what would be my choice if I had to choose just one or the other? I think I would have to go for Revolver because of it's slightly higher level of songwriting and that it's just a more adventerous album (see: "Tomorrow Never Knows.") This decision is in no way a put down of Abbey Road, it's just that Revolver is that good!

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