Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wolfman Jack is Back? What the . . . ?

Former Dutch Pirate Targets Baby-Boomers Worldwide by Susan Kensington

The Dutch radio-pirate Eric van Willegen gave up his illicit broadcasts from high-rise apartments and ships at sea after being raided by the authorities for the 20th time. He is still "bringing on back the good-times" of 1960s music by hiring an old Soviet transmitter in Lithuania and rebroadcasting tapes of The Wolfman Jack Show all over Europe and beyond on 6055 kHz from 21.30 to 22.30 UTC.

"Let the kids listen to pod-eyes and Internet Radio" Eric dictates, "my station is for those of us used to twiddling the knobs and finding good ol' rock'n'roll in the hiss and whistle of a distant station, that's all part of it."

The Wolfman Jack tapes were recorded back in those days when teenagers would tune in transistor radios late at night to hear their kind of music beamed from high powered radio stations across the US border in Mexico. King of the airwaves was the legendary Wolfman, whose name became synonymous with "Rock and Roll." Not until 1974 did the loyal radio audience get to see the face behind the gravelly voice that rocked the airwaves. That was when George Lucas released his movie "America Graffiti" featuring the disc-jockey that a whole generation of Americans had come to love.

Well although he died some ten years ago, Wolfman Jack is back courtesy of "THE MIGHTY KBC," Eric van Willegen's own power-house. With 100 kilowatts of radio woomph, and acres of antenna, this former Soviet border-blaster can reach-out worldwide. Every Saturday it's running a test transmission to America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand on 9770 kHz shortwave, from 10.30 to 11.00 UTC, bringing on back The Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones to Babyboomers who prefer the Transistor to the Internet. Give it a shot, guys like Eric need some support!

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