Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Collecting Rare Rock Music Memorabilia

By Steph McCabe

For any collector, rare and hard to find items are the most coveted pieces on their wish lists. It can be difficult and frustrating trying to track known that must have addition to your collection, especially with the truly extraordinary items.

If music is your passion then owning a little piece of the history of your favourite group or artist can be a satisfying hobby. Practically anything with the smallest connection to a band or artist can be considered memorabilia if it's rare or collectible enough; anything from lunchboxes or key chains right up to records and sheet music. The most sort after items however are the uncommon ones, pieces that were not mass produced; which makes them special and unique.

A popular thing to collect is records. Rare recordings or limited editions can sometimes sell for thousands of pounds depending on the artist. A copy of the Rolling Stones' Street Fighting Man, for example, sold recently for just over £9,000, and a mint condition copy of The White Album by The Beatles, recently sold for almost £20,000! This goes to show that record collecting can be a very a very expensive business, but also hugely satisfying each time you add something to it!

A less expensive thing to focus on is autographs and signed photographs. These types of items are more available than records but certain peoples signatures can be harder to find than others. Obviously, autographs of deceased celebrities are going to be harder to find and, as a result, more expensive to buy. Also, bands like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, who no longer record are very sought after. If you can find a photograph or other merchandise with the signatures of all the band members it be much more valuable and you should definitely take good care of it!

Even less expensive things to collect are general merchandise from tours or appearances made by the band. Props and costumes from music videos are also becoming popular, and if you look around online you might be able to find some nice pieces. Posters and other advertisements are big sellers and if you can get specific tour posters or limited edition album covers these will probably gain value through the years if you keep them in excellent condition.

You should try the internet first to buy your products; there are a lot of retailers worldwide who specialise in specific bands and merchandise. It's also worth doing some research on high street retailers; they might have just the thing you've been looking for. Auctions and collectors fairs and conventions are also great places to look. Not only do you get to shop here but you can talk to other people and maybe pick up a few tips on finding the best products and getting valuations.

Remember also that rock music never goes out of fashion so if you have the opportunity to pick up something from newer bands, take it. You never know what will be valuable in the future. The young musicians of today may not be legends just yet but they might just be the Beatles of the future!

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