Saturday, January 16, 2010

OPINION: History's Legendary Guitarists

By Hussey James

A guitar is nothing less than a magnificent piece of art for those who are its true lovers. People have played this instrument for many centuries. They play it casually for fun, entertainment purposes, to gain personal satisfaction and even to earn money. However, there are some guitar idols who have etched their names in bold handwriting in the history of legendary guitar players. These guitarists will never be forgotten by their fans and music lovers across the globe.

The list of these extra-ordinarily talented people includes some big names like Carlos Santana, Jimmy Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Tom Morello and Bruce Springsteen. These names come from the new age and classical rock bands as well as solo talents who rocked the world while standing alone. These people have inspired hundreds of people around the world to follow their tunes and become skilled guitarists.

Carlos Santana, born as Carlos Augusto Alves Santana in the Mexico City has ruled the world of music with his hypnotising guitar tunes. The American Grammy Award winning talent has complete control over his Spanish guitar and he possesses perfection in playing the electric guitar. The hybridisation of these two brought by Mr. Santana totally mingles with one's ears. His super hit records include Shaman, Supernatural, Zebop, Abraxas and the self-titled album Santana which have all reached the top ten list of the Billboard 200 charts.

The legendary Kurt Cobain, also famous due to his controversial death, is also remembered as one of the very few guitarists who rocked the world to their feet. The guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana has been the primary reason for the band's huge success. His tracks like "Smells like Teen Spirit" and "Come as You Are" are still heard by millions around the world as their rock anthems.

When talking about hard rock bands who have revolutionized the metal genre, especially through the extraordinary talents of their guitarists, Metallica without any shadow of a doubt comes on top. Kirk Hammett, the lead guitarist and songwriter for Metallica, is honoured as the 11th best guitar player in the Rolling Stone's 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Before joining Metallica, he rocked with the underground band Exodus. Joining Metallica polished his guitar playing talents to an unmatchable level. The crazy, but cool sounding strums of Kirk inspired millions around the world to play like him.

Jimmy Patrick Page, the guitarist of Led Zeppelin is another big name in the line-up of history's legendary guitarists. Due to his guitar wonders, Led Zeppelin was the most successful band of the 70's. Ranked at number 9 in the Rolling Stone's list, he was considered as one of the most influential and versatile guitarists of all time.

When talking about new age rock idols, Tom Morello is one name worth mentioning. Tom is the guitarist of the famous band, Audioslave, who have enjoyed a huge amount of success in the recent years. Their versatility is especially noticeable in the guitar works of Morello.

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