Monday, May 31, 2010

NEWS: 24-CD Jimi Hendrix Box Set

Hi readers,

Check this out: a 24-CD Jimi Hendrix Box Set sourced from vinyl! As expressed on Youtube by rokysyd11:

May 26, 2010 — Kiloh Smith just got a 24 CD Jimi Hendrix box all sourced from the best vinyl! It was personally made for him by Lucifer Bob!

Lucifer Bob sez: "It is totally handmade and the only one on the planet. It is (almost-completely-nearly) sourced from vinyl and is "Unconditionally Guaranteed" to sound better than any Hendrix CDs that you have ever heard. The French Barclay mono issue is THE SHIT, as is everything else in this collection. The Track Records "Axis: Bold As Love" mono LP pressing is the rarest Hendrix record, worth thousands of dollars, even in poor condition. The copy in this box is absolutely-fucking-perfect. The Classic Records mono LP version from a few years back is a different (modern) mix ... sometimes very different ... but don't take my word for it ... check it out yourself ..."

This is SICK! Watch this vid! Over and out!



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