Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Snapshot of the 70s

By Michelle McKee

As Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers continue to get older and leave their prime years in the distant past, memories of the 1970s linger. Some people look back with disdain while others focus on what was fun about what became known as the "Me" decade.

The seventies was a decade filled with change. Socially, women were making themselves heard and demanding equal treatment in the workplace. Racial tensions that carried over from the tumultuous sixties also played a major role in day to day life. The war in Vietnam grew into even more of a hot topic as opposition to America's involvement in the conflict grew ever stronger.

Although the decade had a lot of difficult times in it, there were some good things that came from those ten years. Looking back, one can see that music and clothing styles from the period have maintained their grip on American society and have actually experienced a resurgence in interest over recent years.

The hippie culture that began to grow in the mid sixties continued into the decade before dying out during the middle years. The distinctive clothing however, has kept a foothold in popular culture ever since. Today, it is not uncommon to find original pieces of clothing from the period selling as "vintage" on sites like eBay for surprisingly high amounts. Certainly there is still some interest in them.

The music of the day also has its die hard fans. What has become known as classic and album rock is now moving toward the oldies stations, but still has a faithful following even among today's youth. Bands of the era continue to make occasional appearances. The most notable recent sighting may have been The Who playing at a Super Bowl half time show.

As years pass and people grow older, nostalgia begins to kick into high gear for some people. Today's interest in all things seventies may or may not be related to that phenomenon. Regardless, there are many people who truly enjoyed that memorable decade, and as long as they survive, the memories of the seventies will rock on.

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