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The Beatles Are Finally On iTunes

Cover of "The Beatles Mono Box Set"Cover of The Beatles Mono Box SetBy Johnny Moon

Background: Why The Beatles Haven't Been on iTunes

Apple Corps was formed by The Beatles in 1968. Apple Corps was actually involved in quite a few areas (films, publishing, and even retail) but of course it's main interest was (and is) music. When Apple Computer came around in the late 1970s, Apple Corps sued them over the use of the "Apple" name. A settlement was made in 1981 with the computer Apple paying the music Apple $80,000 and agreeing to not enter the music business.

There was another lawsuit in 1989 over the ability of computers to play back MIDI files. This time the computer company had to pay out $26.5 million to settle the case. Finally, there was another lawsuit in 2003 (this one over iPod, iTunes, etc.) This time Apple Corps lost and on February 5th of 2007 a settlement was reached to end the trademark dispute once and for all.

This trademark settlement lead people to believe that The Beatles music would be on the iTunes store soon, but it was not. Perhaps The Beatles people wanted to wait until the new remastered versions were completed?

November 16, 2010

As of November 16th of 2010 iTunes has The Beatles entire remastered stereo catalog available for download. One can either individually download their albums (such as 1965's Rubber Soul or 1969's Abbey Road) or download the entire remastered stereo catalog with a single click.

No Mono Mixes

What is not available on the iTunes Store are the original mono mixes. These are still only available as a part of The Beatles in Mono CD Box Set.

Great For iPod Users

The Beatles music being available at the iTunes Store is a great thing for Beatles fans who use iPods as it will make it easier for them to get their favorite songs onto their iPods.

CLICK HERE for The Beatles on iTunes.

The Beatles Mono Box Set is still the only way to listen to the original mono mixes of these famous recordings.

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  1. Maybe it is the only way to listen to the Beatles in the mono box set but having the remastered version you hear things that you cannot hear in the mono mix such as McCartney's bass playing which stands out