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How The Beatles Influenced Popular Culture and Music

The BeatlesCover of The BeatlesBy Bryce Alexander

Many fans would agree that the Beatles used their charms as a kind of magic to draw many fans to them. This charm is easily displayed as a sense of being normal boys - cheerful, lovable, and always ready to smile or share a joke with others. Perhaps their friendship and camaraderie made it easier for them to be friendly with the public, press and fans.

You can think of the members of the group like friends who like to hang out together and spending time tinkering with their musical instruments and making songs together out of fun. This kind of friendship fostered a deeper kind of understanding for each other, like a telepathic connection that they use in making music together or sharing a sense of humor. The public never really had a clue that they had troubles with their relationships with each other until they claimed so.

This had been a very effective method of constructing their image as a group and the good image lasted for a long time. The Beatles also gave people an impression that no matter how successful they are it never got into their head. In this way, they have maintained a friendly and humble appearance.

The band may have been as ambitious as their counterparts in the music industry during that time but they were very careful to conceal it. And it had served them well as they have established their charm and it maintained the magic that propelled them to the peak of their careers.

Even after the group disbanded in 1969, they have retained the most significant band title up to the present. The band is considered the best group with the most impact on society, music, and popular culture. Their legacy lives on as their music continually appeals to different generations.

Why the Beatles Became so Famous and Influential.

The Beatles impressed many fans with the natural talent that they exuded as a band. The songs they sing have evolved from teenage love stories to more serious themes that can be appreciated by both the young and adults. Their compositions are sophisticated and melodic and they have combined classical and rock and roll elements in their records. In this way, they connected the first and second half of the 20th century which was comprised of the onset of musical recordings and the dawn of the rock and roll genre.

There is an interesting historical view in explanation for the phenomenal success of the Beatles. The coming out of the group was a great timing because the 1960s was the best time for revolutionary changes. During the 1960s, technological advancements sprung up which amplified the musical production industry. Guitar amplifiers were manufactured and the quality and function of the equipments for studio recording improved and became more advanced.

This decade was also introduced to an expanded and more globalized mass media. The 1960s was also the coming-of-age generation as the society sought for its own identity. The technological advancements, the influence of mass media and social relevance - all of these elements influenced the beginnings of the band as well as the music they produced. The Beatles had used these influences and they became the most influential band of all time.

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