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3 Essential Ska Records - A History Lesson In Ska

The Specials performing at Brixton Academy, Lo...The Specials - Image via WikipediaBy Jorge Orduna

People of all ages can enjoy the great sound of ska music. Finding out which records to purchase, however, can be a bit of a daunting task. With so many different bands, and albums released to the general public for the last half century, some music fans could be lost in the record store, but there's hope for a brighter future.

After some careful research, this list came to being, and can help people of all ages get into the mighty music that is a close relative to reggae, and stands alone as one of the enduring styles of music for all ages. The following are 3 essential ska records to learn about the history of the genre.

Trojan Ska Rarities Box Set

50 tracks across 3 compact discs, with every band that made a difference in the musical creation of this genre can be found on this box set. The Trojan Box Sets are often times rare and hard to find, but for those that are willing to drop upwards of $30 on each set, bliss comes quickly. No other compilation of music can truly be recommended for this genre, outside of the Trojan brand.

This Is Ska

A more modern take on the musical form from Jamaica is found on this compilation, and while it is not quite as massive as the aforementioned, it still packs a punch. This two-disc collection of ska music contains tracks from The Specials, The Selecter, Judge Dredd, The Heptones, Bad Manners and so many more. The two-tone artwork is a dead giveaway to the contents found on the 2-disc set.

Best of Ska

54 tracks from all over the world, makes this set a must own. This set of music will create a foot tapping chorus line for anyone listening. Some of the bands featured include Madness, Rico, Desmond Dekker, The Maytals, Special AKA, The Melodians, The Swinging Cats, Carlos Malcolm and so many other big names in the genre, than most other collections. This amazing set rivals the aforementioned, but stands alone as a stand-alone option to collect.

The preceding was 3 essential records for anyone looking for a history lesson in the genre of ska music. Not everyone can appreciate the horn sections, bass lines, and great tonality that comes from this brand of music, but for those that can, the jazz notes transcend all others, creating a noise that is infectious.

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