Thursday, July 21, 2011

VIDEO: Tommy Bolin with Zephyr - Texas Pop Festival 1970

Hey y'all, dig this!

This is a rare video featuring the genius of Tommy Bolin. If you don't know Tommy, he is simply one of the greatest guitarists ever! Plainly and simply!

Here are the footnotes from YouTube, brought to you by JohnnyVisionquest:

This footage has been seen elsewhere with audio dubbed in from the first Zephyr album. This version has the audio dubbed from a live tape labeled Ebbets Field 1971, a song called "Goin' Home" (otherwise known from Woodstock in the version by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After).

As noted by one observant historian on the Bolin Board forum, the ending riff of this live song reappeared "more famously" on the classic album Spectrum by Billy Cobham, the acknowledged inspiration for Jeff Beck to explore Jazz fusion music in his own recordings.

Zephyr 1971:

Candy Givens vocal
David Givens bass
John Faris keyboards
Bobby Berge drums
Tommy Bolin guitar
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