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The Beatles in 1966 - Paul McCartney's Best Beatles Songs Recorded in 1966 Including "For No One"

By Jackson Weinheimer

The Beatles recorded a lot of absolutely brilliant songs in 1966. One could argue that this was the year they had their highest "batting average" as they recorded hardly anything that could be called "filler." Many of these brilliant songs were written by Paul McCartney, these are some of the best:

"Got To Get You Into My Life" - This song has been said to be about marijuana and LSD (which Paul had recently taken for the first time). Regardless of what it's about, it's a great imaginative song. Usually I find horns obnoxious in rock songs, but The Beatles find a way to make them work, and they work splendidly in this song.

"Paperback Writer" - An awesome guitar riff based rocker which belies the myth that McCartney was just a "balladeer." I love the unusual harmonies (particularly the "frere jacques" bit). This is one half of the great "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" single.

"Eleanor Rigby" - One of The Beatles most timeless classics. It was groundbreaking for being the first Beatles song in which no Beatle plays (a double string quartet takes their place) and only one (McCartney) sings. It includes one of The Beatles most memorable lyrics and melodies. That combined with the unique sound of the song makes it really stand out.

"For No One" - This has always been one of my favorite "lesser known" (by Beatles standards) Beatles songs.

"Here, There, & Everywhere" - Perhaps McCartney's most "perfect" song. McCartney has picked it out as his favorite among all of his songs.

"When I'm Sixty Four" - This was actually the first song recorded for the 1967 classic Sgt. Pepper. It was recorded in December of '66. Many like to cut this track down to size but I think they usually miss the point of it. It's all very "tongue in cheek." I think if you listen to these sorts of McCartney songs ("Honey Pie" & "Your Mother Should Know" also come to mind) and imagine them being performed by Ween you should get a better idea of what they're really on about. If you don't know who Ween is, you really should!

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