Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peter, Paul and Mary - Triple Disc Release to Make Your Holidays Bright!‏

by Brent Warnken

They became so popular that it is only necessary to refer to them by their first names: Peter, Paul and Mary. If you think I'm referring to something straight out of scripture, obviously you have never held a pair of Peter, Paul and Mary concert tickets in your hand. They still are probably the most well-known folk band in the world, though their rise to fame occurred mostly in the 1960s.

Nevertheless their music is loved worldwide even to this day and you would do well to attend one of their concerts and see what all of the fuss is about. You can get more information about Peter, Paul and Mary by going online to check up on their upcoming tour schedule. You won't want to miss seeing them live.

If you're looking for that perfect gift to give to brighten someone's day, look no further than the triple disc set, Peter, Paul and Mary/The Solo Recordings (1971-1972). The projects of solo work from the artists were intended to express each one of the members to express his or herself as a solo artist. Each member of the famous folk trio has a talent and vision that provides a great combination for making music, but this is an opportunity to experience Peter, Paul and Mary as individual artists.

This mini-box of stellar material is really a knockout for fans of this popular group that captured hearts with their devotion to social causes, something that became increasingly apparent in their ballads. It would surely make a nice surprise for any folk music fan who desires to relive the sights and sounds of the 1960's.

Peter, Paul and Mary have even reunited for a concert to protest nuclear energy and today they currently play around forty-five shows a year. Some of their most popular songs are "Puff the Magic Dragon," "Blowin' in the Wind," and "Leaving on A Jet Plane." It was during the release of these songs that the group found their true passion in supporting causes for social justice across the nation and the world. Even on into this day a pair of Peter Paul and Mary tickets is considered a must have item, in order to see this phenomenal trio live onstage.

Their folk music is what helps drive them to make the world a better place and with their new honor soon to be bestowed on the renowned group, their will be no denying their place in the world of social justice. Yarrow said, "[Folk] music reaches straight into the heart. It's cross pollination, suddenly when you sing it at a peace rally; the song is not a Negro spiritual anymore - it's universal."

If you want to capture what the holiday season is all about be sure to check out the lyrics to the music of Peter, Paul and Mary. These trio of folk-singers will make someone's Christmas morning a whole lot warmer, so check out their new three disc set and also check up on their tour schedule for this year!

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