Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why Liverpool Still Spells 'Culture' With a Capital C

By Eoin Evans

Since the day it was named Europe's Capital City of Culture for 2008, Liverpool has been thrust more prominently into the spotlight for travellers who are eager to experience more than just the usual, mind-numbing tourist minutiae.

Even now, more than six months since it passed the crown to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, you can hardly take a single step in Liverpool without encountering something with fascinating cultural significance - but finding the best places isn't always so easy. If you're booking hotels in Liverpool and want tips about keen cultural sights to take in, read on.

The Cavern Club

For many people, Liverpool is synonymous with The Beatles. Even if you're not a huge fan of music, it's impossible to disregard the incredible cultural impact that The Fab Four has had on the entire world. They first starting making their name at The Cavern Club, and it's a great, understated place to get an introduction into the cultural importance of this unforgettable band. There are many excellent Liverpool hotels in the vicinity, making this a convenient spot to get to.

20 Forthlin Road

Although the address may be vague and meaningless to most, it is where the "Cute Beatle," Paul McCartney - now Sir Paul - spent his childhood. As far as Beatles cultural attractions go, this is one of the least touristy and most interesting in Liverpool. Hotels are quite nearby, meaning that you can even walk here in many cases. Whether you're a huge Beatles fan or simply enjoy touring historical homes, this is a spectacular spot.

Hope Street

When you grow weary of all of the Beatles mania, you can check out Liverpool's hip, happening Hope Street for a slightly different cultural experience. This area revolves around the arts - the Philharmonic Hall, a university and the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts - the so-called Fame Academy - are all located here. It also boasts many chic and eclectic boutiques and many fine Liverpool hotels. Don't miss the Liverpool Cathedral - England's largest religious building, and the fifth largest cathedral in the world.

Albert Dock Museums

All along Liverpool's Albert Dock, old warehouses have been restored and now house a compelling array of museums. From many Liverpool hotels, you can easily head over to Albert Dock to take in the unforgettable artifacts at the Merseyside Maritime Museum or the sobering displays at the International Slavery Museum. Taking the time to explore this part of the city can help give a greater understanding for its designation as Europe's Capital City of Culture.

The Waterfront

Finally, make sure that you set aside ample time to leave your hotels in Liverpool for a couple of hours of exploration at its waterfront. Three buildings at the Pier Head are collectively referred to as the "Three Graces" and are a must-see, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse at historical architecture; don't miss the Cunard Building.

Eoin - known to almost everyone except his mum as Ian - has written for many publications in his native south Wales and further afield. He currently lives in London's trendy Docklands with his partner and enjoys travelling for business and pleasure.

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