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ALBUM REVIEW: Leonard Cohen - Live in London

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Not only was Leonard Cohen a full-time singer and songwriter he also has several other 'hats.' He was a part-time Buddhist monk as well as a poet. While his singing voice isn't the greatest ever, he has a sort of bluesy moan that makes up for it.

"Leonard Cohen - Live in London" finds the 74 year old Canadian wordsmith in the full throes of his orchestrated personal pain. Somehow, although he tends to talk only about his own problems, Cohen is able to communicate the feelings of almost every listener's deep-buried emotions, as well.

This masterful delivery at London's O2 Arena was his first major live tour in fifteen years. This double CD live performance also includes in-between song chat and banter, which is usually cut from live albums. The CD is also full of pictures in case you don't want to splurge on the DVD which, although visual, doesn't necessarily give you a better sound than the CD. The CD also contains lyrics for all 26 songs.

Cohen's set is a mix of old nuggets like "Bird on a Wire" and "Suzanne" as well as newer material like "Anthem" and "Democracy" and material from his last studio album in 2004, "Dear Heather". It also includes a new song called "Wither Thou Goest". Unlike his studio CDs, which are relatively easy to get a hold of, getting hold of live Cohen material is quite difficult.

Often, his live tracks are just individual songs placed at the end of an album or on a B-side. For example, one live CD was done as a limited-edition Canadian only release in 1993 and that was only for ten songs. Before that, you have to look far and wide for the CD 'Field Commander Cohen", recorded also in London in 1979 but was in stores for about ten minutes in 2001.

"The definitive live version" is what some of Cohen's internet based fans have been calling some of his songs. The quality of sound is wonderful on his 'Live in London' album.

With all of the greatest backing him up, you can see why Leonard Cohen's 'Live in London' is so great. Bob Meztger, Roscoe Beck, Neil Larson, Rafael Bernardo just to name a few are the ones that help this concert go so smoothly.

Live In London - Leonard Cohen is captivating and brings the fans in. Go to CDWow if you are looking to find the New Leonard Cohen CD.

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