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ALBUM REVIEW: Together Through Life by Bob Dylan

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Together Through Life - Amazing Album by Patrick Daniels

When Bob Dylan released Together Through Life, his 33rd studio album, he had special hopes and goals for the overall feel of the record. Dylan is in a difficult place at this point in his career, with it being nearly impossible for him to outdo himself and better his already stout lyrical resume.

With this album, the goal was to be more reflective and to offer a more romantic feel for his listeners. That's why he went out and asked for the co-writing help of Robert Hunter, the man often credited with writing the poetic tunes of the Grateful Dead.

'Life is Hard' and This Dream of You' are two great songs on the album (both are love ballads). These songs are a good taste of what is on the rest of the album. It really portrays his classic feel and poetic excellence. The difference this time though is that he really has more of a jazziness to him this time around.

It has a more reflective sound, and features more love songs than a Dylan album has ever featured before. That is what makes it different than some of his previous albums. The days of folk rock are gone for Dylan, and this album speaks to what he has left to say.

The accompanying band brings more jazz to the table on this record, which is something that Dylan had wanted prior to recording. That bluesy addition will change the Dylan sound a little, but there will still be room for Dylan to lead with his piercing voice. Dylan has outdone himself in a whole different way this time. He portrays a softer, sweeter side of himself that fans love and appreciate. You can see that Dylan is getting more creative. With the help of Hunter, these two songs will be remembered for years to come and will keep adding to the rocker's legacy.

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