Thursday, July 1, 2010

The History of The Eagles and Hotel California

By Garry Knight

Hotel California was the fifth album released from The Eagles. American rock was starting to establish itself as a leading, powerful genre in the music industry. Younger crowds were beginning to catch on to the phenomenon and American Rock was becoming a part of culture. Music had a way of gripping society just as it does today. In more recent years you'll find that "rap" and "hip-hop" has direct ties to American culture amongst younger generations. Hotel California was also the first album released by the Eagles that was not accompanied by the founding member of the band, Bernie Leadon.

Bernie had other responsibilities in his life that led him away from the band for that time period. Joe Walsh was featured in Hotel California and this was his first year with the band, essentially replacing the empty slot that Bernie Leadon had left open. Hotel California was unfortunately the last album that featured Randy Meisner, a promising bass player and singer who did great things for the band. The memories that Randy Meisner provided will be remembered forever.

Despite all of these challenges that Hotel California brought to the table, it managed to become the critical success of the band. It was a huge commercial hit and it brought the Eagles renowned success across the country and across the world. You can be sure that Bernie was regretting his decision to part from the band. How unfortunate his decision to leave was for himself, it may have been part of the reason the album was so successful. The remaining members along with the accompaniment of their newest member, Joe Walsh were album to craft their talents into amazing songs that transpired into building a huge fan base for the band.

The album was released in 1976 and has sold over 16 million copies since. This is only accounting for the U.S. Global sales charts estimate several more millions in sales. The album managed to maintain the number one spot on the charts for eight weeks in 1977. Two songs from the album became number one hits as singles on the Billboard Hot 100. To be featured on the Billboard Hot 100 was a promising achievement.

Later, TV Network VH1 deemed Hotel California number 38 on 100 Greatest Albums of all time. Hotel California was also ranked 13th on a 2005 survey for British Television. Rolling Stone Magazine determined it's rank as 37 on their list of 500 greatest albums of all time.

The album has since been released digitally and has been upgraded for premium performance in sound quality. The album has been very highly regarded for several decades and it will long be remembered as a promising aspect of American history. The Eagles gave Americans something to idolize in society

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