Monday, July 19, 2010

NEWS: The Who Looking at New Quadrophenia Show

The Who Looking at New Quadrophenia Show (from

Classic: Quadrophenia

The Who are putting retirement concerns behind them with plans for a 2011 tour which will either be a brand-new stage show or an updated version of their Quadrophenia rock opera, says singer Roger Daltrey.

The band faced the possibility of calling it a day as guitarist Pete Townshend battled with severe tinnitus. But Daltrey reports they've found a solution using new technology – and lower volume – which means they can keep going until they drop.

The frontman tells Billboard: "The issue is with stage monitors and volumes. Being the addictive character he is, when Pete gets carried away he tends to turn it up to the old levels, and that's when it causes the trouble. We definitely don't want to stop. We feel it's the role of the artist to go all the way through life until you can't do it any more."

Daltrey is currently touring the USA with his solo band, including support slots with Eric Clapton. He says keeping in performance trim is part of his role in the Who, and if Townshend decides he has new material for the band to perform, he's ready and willing to do it.

"He writes, then we decide what to do," says Daltrey. "I've dedicated my life to being the voice of his music and I'm happy with that position – I feel I've done a good job for him."

But if it turns out there's no new material for a brand-new touring show, the band are considering going back to Quadrophenia. They performed the rock opera in March at a Teenage Cancer Trust event – which at the time looked as if it could be their final live appearance due to Townshend's hearing problems.

Daltrey says: "There are issues with making Quadrophenia work at our age. I have a bit of a problem with the way our position in the show was explained to the crowd. What Pete and I were to the guy on the screen was a bit of a puzzle for the newcomer. It needs a revamp – but I know how to do it."

The singer recently commented on his ambition of forming a blues band with Jimmy Page, saying: "I don't sing the blues with the Who but I used to be a great blues singer."

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