Friday, July 30, 2010

OPINION: My Top Six Great Blues Guitarists

Stevie Ray Vaughan
By Steve Randazzo

Some of the greatest blues guitarists in the world never achieved greatness, but because their style is so unique and innovative, it has made that artist world renowned. An artist like Bonnie Raitt for example certainly does not have the speed and raw sound of a Stevie Ray Vaughn, but instead she creates beautiful tones and lyrics that make her what she is today and advanced her into the mainstream of blues music.

The following is a list of my favorite top 6 Blues Artists:

Muddy Waters, an amazing artist specializing in the acoustic guitar. Muddy Waters roots came from rural Mississippi and helped create the style know as the Chicago blues. This style exploded and helped pave the way for artists like Stevie Ray and Eric Clapton.

Robert Johnson, his innovative and unique sound helped create the style we know today as the Delta blues, this style can be heard today in current blues.

Eric Clapton, his unique style today helped combine the blues from the 60's and the more heavy rock sounds we hear today. Eric Clapton is truly one of the best of his generation.

Stevie Ray Vaughn, was known for his raw power and sound. His incredible talent reached new heights in the industry. You would be hard pressed to find anyone today that could hold a candle to his style and power. Stevie was one of the most influential artists of his time and often compared to Jimmy Hendrix.

T-Bone Walker, helped establish the blues guitar as a lead instrument, and also had a very unique sound especially while playing the blues. This unique style is still widely used today. T-Bone Walker is truly a pioneer and an important influence in almost every great blues player from that generation on.

Jimmy Hendrix, known as the godfather of the blues, Jimmy had the most influence and impact on virtually every guitarist today. Although Jimmy was surprisingly humble, musically, his style and sound is one that is most imitated today. When anyone talks about the blues guitar it would be nearly impossible not to mention Jimmy Hendrix.

We only mentioned a few of the great blues guitar players in this article, but every one of these artist helps continue to shape the history of the blues and lives in every great blues player today.

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