Saturday, August 14, 2010

Abbey Road webcam reveals chaos of Beatles fans

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Beatles fans are causing constant traffic chaos on the famous Abbey Road crossing where the Fab Four were shot their classic album cover, a new webcam has revealed. A new HD webcam installed at Abbey Road Studios is now streaming live footage showing the dangerous lengths Beatles fans go to, in a bid to imitate the 1969 album cover.

Tourists and fans can be seen infuriating London cabbies and other drivers by posing as John, Paul, Ringo and George in the middle of the busy road. Many fans (most of them Day Trippers) even keep dashing across the road and back again in a bid to get their picture just right. The Beatles recorded 90 per cent of their albums at the now legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, and even now nearly 41 years on from their final album as a group, the ordinary looking crossing in Westminster remains as popular as ever.

A spokesperson for Abbey Road Studios said: "Some 41 years after the photograph of The Beatles on the zebra crossing outside the studios was taken, the zebra crossing continues to be a London must see destination, attracting thousands of music fans from all over the world. We're really pleased with the new camera, it has lots of exciting features, you can save stills from the camera, send them by email and post them to our wall of fame and Facebook site."

Watch the new Abbey Road Beatles high-definition webcam live online here:
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