Thursday, August 5, 2010

Timothy Leary: Everything you want to know

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Here's some brilliant articles and videos about Timothy Leary, a fascinating character from the 1960s

Why not, the last laugh of Timothy Leary

Even though he left his body in 1998 he will live forever on the internet

Everything about him

Timothy Leary: High Priest of LSD - USA 

May 1996 - Amidst the crazy cars, the beautiful people and the palm trees of Los Angeles, USA, one wizard has cast his spell. The 60's maddest scientist, Dr Timothy Leary, passionate advocate of LSD, prepares for his final 'trip'. Terminally ill, he made his home a sanctuary for doting pilgrims, wacky kids and anarchic artists. Gaunt and propped up in a wheelchair, he receives hundreds of phone calls from acolytes begging to meet him. Filmmakers and young hippies with lengthy dreadlocks lounge on his sofas discussing the nature of their art. The feature includes archive footage of Leary during the 60s as the rebellious psychologist at Harvard and the radical preacher at Millbrook mansion. A quirky, colourful look at the life of Timothy Leary and his plans for death and cryogenics. Includes an interview with the icon himself.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
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