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Thats the Way - Led Zeppelin

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By Michelle Lawrie

'I don't how I'm gonna tell you, I cant play with you no more. I don't know how I'm gonna do what mamma told me, my friend the boy next door'.

These are the opening lines of Zeppelins That's The Way. Painfully, yet beautifully written, the story centers on these two lines.

A young friendship that has no color, knows no race, but the human race as one. Forced to never speak or see each other again, because 'that's the way it oughtta stay'. Thats The Way reveals the heartache and devastating consequences of losing your best friend, because of the mindset of others.

Unable to stay away from one another, they discover the misery both are suffering due to the loss of their innocent friendship.

Children are not born prejudiced or racist, a theme discussed throughout the song; it is something drilled into them through many forms, in this example their families.

Plant sings 'I can't believe what people saying, you're gonna let your hair hang down' - Zeppelin themselves received prejudiced remarks for having long hair, even receiving death threats in America before concerts. The song unravels and questions the need for these backward views.

'Now's the time to look and look again at what you see. Is that the way it oughtta stay?'

These wonderfully written lyrics are very powerful and overall discuss discrimination against change/difference/race. The music is equally mesmerizing. Soft mandolin, acoustic guitar and steel guitar almost float around your ears and you could be forgiven for letting your mind hop on board these notes and drift away.

Combine the well-written music and thought provoking lyrics and you have a memorable and magnificent song.

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