Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beatles For Sale - Is it Really the Worst Beatles Album?

By Jackson Weinheimer

Singled Out

Beatles For Sale, The Beatles 4th album, is often singled out as The Beatles worst album. But I believe it's actually superior to their debut album Please Please Me & their second album With the Beatles. I think it's only the context of when Beatles For Sale was released that makes it stand out as a dissapointing Beatles release.


What context am I referring to? Their previous album was A Hard Day's Night which really made a big statement as all 13 of it's songs were Lennon/McCartney originals. Their next album was Help! which featured some of their all time greatest songs (the title track along with "Yesterday," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," & "Ticket To Ride"). In comparison to these two stellar albums, Beatles For Sale is rather poor and it's easy to see how it was a dissapointment at the time.

Compared To Please Please Me

I think Please Please Me is actually somewhat overrated. It's their debut album and it's important for that reason. It's a cool story (10 of the 14 songs recorded in a single day) and it captures a moment. But is it really a better album? I don't think so. "I Saw Her Standing There" & "Please Please Me" are great originals and "Twist & Shout" was a brilliant cover but I think the rest of the album is somewhat weak ("Love Me Do" is The Beatles worst single ever) and definitely bettered by the orignials on Beatles For Sale.

Compared To With The Beatles

Personally I think this is the very worst Beatles album (not counting Yellow Sumbarine which only has 4 original songs it). "All My Loving" is a great tune but I think the rest of the album is rather weak. I find the covers on this album boring. The covers on Beatles For Sale are boring too, but the originals are better than those on this album.

Beatles For Sale Originals

"No Reply," "I'm A Loser," ' Baby's In Black," "Every Little Thing," "Eight Days A Week," "I'll Follow The Sun" "What You're Doing," & "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" are a great bunch of songs. I love the "darker" sound that a love of these tracks have. I think these are some of The Beatles most underrated songs on their most underrated album.

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