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With the Beatles - The Worst Beatles Album

With the Beatles - The Worst Beatles Album by Johnny Moon

Vs. The Debut

With The Beatles was The Beatles second studio album. It was their follow up to Please Please Me. While I do not think it represents a real drop from the quality of Please Please Me, I do rank it below that first album because that first album has more "energy" and it also has the historical significance of being the first album.

With The Beatles has "All My Loving" which is arguably better than any song on their debut, but other than that I think it pales in comparison. Certainly none of the covers on With The Beatles comes close to matching the intensity & excitement of "Twist & Shout" which closes out Please Please Me in style.

Vs. Beatles For Sale

Beatles For Sale commonly wins the "prize" as the lowest rated Beatles album by Beatles fans but I don't really understand why as I think the originals on this album are far superior to those on both the debut and the second album.

Yes the covers are boring. But so are almost all of The Beatles covers. I rate these early albums on the originals and in comparing the songs of Beatles For Sale ("No Reply," "I'm a Loser," "Baby's in Black," "I'll Follow the Sun," "Eight Days a Week," "Every Little Thing," "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party," & "What You're Doing") vs. those of With The Beatles ("All My Loving," "It Won't Be Long," "All I've Got To Do," "Don't Bother Me," "Little Child," "Hold Me Tight," "I Wanna Be Your Man," & "Not A Second Time"). I think the former is clearly the victor.

Vs. Yellow Submarine

I don't really consider Yellow Submarine a true Beatles album as it only had four new Beatles recordings. Of those four two are really great songs "It's All Too Much," & "Hey Bulldog!" but two great songs does not make an album. The other two original songs were "It's Only A Northern Song," & "All Together Now" which are definitely not among The Beatles best.

Trivia: With The Beatles was released on November 22, 1963. The same day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

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