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The Beatles Remastered CD Stereo Box Set - Features of This 16 Disc Set

The Beatles Remastered CD Stereo Box Set - Features of This 16 Disc Set by Jackson Weinheimer

Less Than Stellar Mastering On 1987 CDs

The main reason that Beatles fans have been asking for remastered versions of The Beatles albums on CD for over 20 years is that it's a widely held belief that the mastering done for the original release of Beatles albums on CD (in 1987) was not good. Over the course of the past 22 years this has never been rectified, until now when new remasters of all of The Beatles albums have been made.


On September 9th, all of The Beatles newly remastered albums are being released on CD both individually and as part of a stereo CD box set. There's also a mono box set being released, but that's beyond the scope of this article.

The Stereo CD Box Set

All 13 of The Beatles official UK albums are included. Yes, that includes Magical Mystery Tour which was originally an EP but which has been retroactively added to The Beatles "official" albums list. It also includes Yellow Submarine despite the fact that most of the album is made up of instrumental "movie music" which can hardly be called Beatles music.

Along with all of their original albums, this comprehensive box set also includes the Past Masters compilation which includes every non-album track that The Beatles released. This is a two disc set as a lot of The Beatles songs (including a lot of their biggest hits) were never released on their official studio albums.

Every Song

This box set includes every song The Beatles officially released from 1962 through 1970 in newly remastered superior stereo sound. And except for two instances, each recording is only included once (so there's not a problem with the same song being on multiple discs like when you buy "greatest hits" packages). For those who are curious, the two exceptions are "All You Need Is Love" which is on both Magical Mystery Tour & Yellow Submarine, and "Yellow Submarine" which is on both Revolver & Yellow Submarine.

Documentary DVD

A DVD is included which features a short "mini-documentary" on the making of each album. This DVD is exclusive to this box set.

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