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Rubber Soul Vs Revolver - Both Beatles Classic Albums on Remastered CDs on 9-9-9

Rubber Soul Vs Revolver - Both Beatles Classic Albums on Remastered CDs on 9-9-9 by Jackson Weinheimer

The Case For Rubber Soul

One can argue that the best songs on Rubber Soul are bigger classics than the best songs on Revolver. Certainly they are more widely known.

"Drive My Car," "Norwegian Wood," "Nowhere Man," "Michelle," "Girl," "I'm Looking Through You," & "In My Life" are a pretty incredible group of songs to all be included on one album. The album almost has a "greatest hits" compilation feel it at times because it includes so many legendary songs. And while Revolver (deservedly) receives more praise for it's groundbreaking production & arrangements. Rubber Soul deserves credit for introducing the sitar (played by George Harrison in "Norwegian Wood") to the Western world.

One can also make a case that Rubber Soul actually has a more "cohesive" sound to it. It has a sort of "laid back grass influenced" sound throughout most of the album. While on the other hand Revolver sounds more like 14 totally different trips all included on one album (which can also be a positive depending on taste).

The Case For Revolver

It's definitely a more consistent album. It has no songs anywhere near as weak as "What Goes On" (one of the worst songs The Beatles ever recorded). "Wait" & "Run For Your Life" are also weak tracks. In comparison I don't think Revolver has any weak songs, although admittedly I'm not always in the mood to hear "Yellow Submarine" - it's still a classic.

The main case for Revolver is the variety of the songs (so many different styles all done perfectly) and the groundbreaking experimentation ("Tomorrow Never Knows" is the most obvious example of this, but really it's throughout the album).

My Verdict

Revolver wins this battle rather handily in my view. While "Here, There, & Everywhere," "For No One," "She Said Said She Said" & "Doctor Robert" may not be as well known as some of the classics on Rubber Soul, I think they are definitely just as good. Plus I haven't even mentioned the stunning "Eleanor Rigby" yet or the fact that George Harrison established himself as a good songwriter with this album ("Taxman," "I Want To Tell You," & "Love You To.) Speaking of "Love You To" - While it's not one of my favorites on the album, it is remarkable for taking the Indian influence to the next level.

9/9/09 - Both albums are included in both the mono & stereo CD Beatles box sets being released on September 9, 2009. Both albums are absolutely essential for any Beatles fan's collection.

Rubber Soul being released in it's original mono & stereo mixes for the first time on CD on 9/9/9. These original mixes are included on the Rubber Soul CD in the Beatles Mono CD Box Set. They are not available for individual sale. Both Rubber Soul & Revolver are included in the Beatles Remastered Stereo CD Box Set

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