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Insight on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Being Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

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Insight on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Being Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by Todd Hicks

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary man who accomplished an infinite amount of good. He is the person whom I admire more than anyone else on the planet. He won the Nobel Peace prize in 1965. By reading this article, you should receive an outstanding insight on why he won this coveted prize.

King possessed an extraordinary amount of courage and exerted his all into making the world a better place for African American people and others. King and his followers sacrificed a lot to bring freedom to minorities, women and poor people.

One thing King did as a sacrifice was to participate in peaceful demonstrations. He helped to conduct lunch counter sit-ins at establishments that refused to serve African Americans.

King and his followers were willing to go to jail to make their stand. They were not afraid to be locked up for engaging in civil disobedience without violence at places that did not treat minorities fairly. King advocated that we pray and go to jail together to make the conditions in society better.

Can you imagine always letting the authorities or anyone else hit you without being tempted to retaliate? King and his followers put up with the police beating their heads with batons, letting dogs bite them and spraying them with hoses. They were determined to carry out their cause while never using violence.

King helped take care of his supporters. We can assume he helped raise money to bail some of his supporters out of jail because he refused to accept the money from his prize for himself in order to contribute to his cause and get his supporters out of jail.

You enable yourself to gain respect and admiration when you try to serve the Lord. King was a preacher who wanted to do God's will.

King was concerned about equality. He wanted everyone to be treated fairly and be judged by their character instead of their skin color. He also wanted working women to be paid what their male counterparts earn.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was somebody who condemned pain and suffering for all classes of people. He criticized the existence of poverty and poor working conditions. He spoke out against the war in Vietnam.

Another thing that probably helped King win the Nobel Peace prize was he made his presence widely felt and he gained vast exposure. He conducted numerous speeches and marches that were televised.

King was an accomplished author. According to what I heard at a King Day celebration this year, he had about twenty materials published.

He expressed love and forgiveness. He never felt or encouraged bitterness despite what he and everyone else in the African American community had to deal with.

We must conclude by discussing King's biggest accomplishment. He successfully directed the Montgomery bus boycott after Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, was arrested for not surrendering her seat at the front of a bus to a white man. This was an event in which minorities refused to ride public transportation until the bus system agreed to stop forcing them to sit at the back of a bus.

You have learned why King won the Nobel Peace prize.

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